My bedroom doorway

I've been wanting to hang something at my doorway since ages ago! Hahaha! I bought all the stuff needed but yet been left there for like don't know how long. Got no time marh! Then today I finally got it done. Wanna see what I did? Hehe =D

Read along to see how does things go~
Firstly you'll need tools like: a pen/pencil and a ruler. Always make good measurements before-hand =) Just to avoid complications later on. Mark the place where you're gonna screw the hooks later.

Then, take a hammer and a nail. Hammer the nail first. But not too deep. That way, it'll be easier to screw the hooks. Just to make an easier way lah. Hee~

And make sure your hooks are enough ok~ I got mine in gold color. 3packs of 'em. 10pieces in each pack. Screw the hooks with a tool instead of just using bare hands. I used the playar. What do you call playar in english arh? Hahahaz!

Then at last! Hang all the chains~ Weee~

Beauty up my life~ I did all this ON MY OWN!!! Proud of myself *nose up!* Hahahaz!



ahlost said…
Wahh.. Very nice :)

help me to do also ler :P

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