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New World Park

It's fooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood time! =D On 2nd day's night we finally had some awesome food at Penang. Many thanks to Edmund who walked all the way from his apartment to our hotel and I must write this, under the rain! Haha! It rained every single night when we were there! 
Anyway, while waiting for Edmund to come over our hotel, we explored into a new place just a block away from our hotel. It's a new place for leisure, shopping and eatery. It's called New World Park. 
There's Guardian pharmacy, boutiques, fine dining place, a centre court and a food court. A small place but good enough to spend time. There's Ipoh Town too. Again, why Kuching no such place? Haha! =P

When we were there, a group of ladies were doing aerobic dance! It's kinda cool. They have an instructor at the centre stage and with music blasting out loud, they all gather to exercise. A very healthy thing to do! =D

New World Park sign and the direction sign at the centre…

Fort Cornwallis

Right. So it's already the 3rd last day of March and here I am writing only the 3rd posts for March. I'm glad my boss didn't fire me yet. Oh maybe just yet =P Boss, if you're reading this, don't fire me ok? I'll gambateh next month. Hahaha! Janji tu mungkin mungkir lah =P Ok before I procrastinate more, I better start writing.
Continue from previous post, it was after day 2's lunch at Penang, we took the bus to Penang Hill. But argh! Luck wasn't on our side. The minute our bus reached the gate, the security closed it! I went down and asked, they said the cable car are gonna be under maintenance for 2 hours and my face went =.=''' wth! So I went back to the bus and told bf about it. Oh great! 
We thought, ah since there's no place to go and I didn't bring my schedule with me, might as well head back to hotel, get some rest and then reschedule everything. So we hopped back the bus and told bus driver that we wanted to go back to Prang…

Kek Lok Si Temple

Penang trip day 2 starts off with awesome breakfast!!! Day 2 is the day I planned for Kek Lok Si Temple visit and then to Penang Hill because they're just about a few streets away though you will need the bus to take you there. Can't walk. Hehe =P
We went to this coffee shop nearby our hotel. It's located before Lorong Macalister. A very quiet place but because we were too hungry and lazy to walk further for food hunt, so we settled here.

Hokkien mee and curry mee. Hokkien mee is available at every corner of Penang but they have different styles. Some with fishball, some with pork but they're mostly dry noodles unlike what we have in Kuching which is sweet and soupy. The curry mee, we both agreed that it tastes so much better than assam laksa we had the night before. Haha! =D

After breakfast, we proceed to digest our food and walked our way to bus station at Prangin Mall again because that's the main bus station for all the different routes. It's more like a b…