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Berrylite at Boulevard Kuching

Holla! Anyone has NEVER heard of the name Berrylite? Well I for one, am very "katak di bawah tempurung" (Direct translation: Frog under the lily pad) so I admit I've never heard of this name before. Another reason being, they're not available in Kuching. But not anymore! Alright. Let me just do a slight introduction before you all come throwing me questions about Berrylite.
Copyright from Berrylite's Facebook page:

Singapore's 1st authentic American 100% fat-free frozen yogurt, Berrylite, is made fresh daily and NEVER from powder. Our frozen yogurt is packed with millions of live and active probiotics that support a healthy immunity and digestive system.

Berrylite is simply chock full of melt-in-your-mouth goodness. It's all-natural, 100% fat-free and gluten-free. Feeling the heat in sunny days? Chill out with Berrylite's decadent yet guilt-free frozen yogurt!

Berrylite has been certified by the National Yogurt Association's Live and Active Culture …

Yin Yang Cake

Last night I baked another butter cake! But this time, mom was home with me and she indeed is a great helper. Of course where did I learn my baking from except from my one and only beloved mother right? =) 
Mom asked me to bake the cake a different way. Adding some pattern and not just plain dull butter cake. After I'm done with everything, before pouring the whole mixture into the baking tray, she add some Milo into half of the mixture. She was searching high and low for cocoa powder and vanilla essence but sadly we didn't restock them cos we haven't bake for so long. So she had to use Milo instead.
This was how the mixture looks like before bake. I called it the Yin Yang cake. Haha!

After one hour of baking. Yum yum! It looks yummy of course! But one thing I dislike about this cake is the smell. That very heavy smell of milk! I felt so yuck when I was doing the mixture. The butter that I was using has the super heavy smell of milk. And yes, if you do know me well enough…

Gift From Singapore

Last Tuesday bf flew off to Singapore for some work purposes. Was there for only one night but heck things sucks much when I couldn't contact him at all! I had to wait for hours before he finally figured out how to use the public phones there. Luckily he found one nearby too. I think if it's Kuching then you will have tough luck searching for public phones eh. 
Oh if you're saying why can't he just call me up by roaming, let me tell you, his phone wasn't on roaming =.=''' I tried calling up Maxis and see if I can be the 3rd party and help set the codes and all since I'm his sub-line but nope, they don't allow me to do so. So I had to bear with the urge of sending him a text message. Seriously this sucks alot! But am glad it's just for 24 hours. 
That feeling when you can't contact your other half at all, not knowing where he stays and there's not a single way you can contact him cos he could be walking anywhere and even if you have …

Bravo Delizze Cafe

Last Saturday, on our usual night out, initially we wanted to go Boulevard cos I received a call from Boulevard's staff asking if I wanna join their aeroplane chess competition again. But then after much thoughts, we're short of one person and the time might clash with another event, so I chose not to join. And since we're not heading down to Boulevard, we might as well just find a nearby place to have simple dinner.
Turned out our dinner wasn't that simple either =P We headed to bf's friend's place at 4th Mile. It's called Bravo Delizze Cafe located behind 688 at 4th Mile. It's a corner shop next to a pet shop. I kinda love the environment there =)
The 2 hungry pigs' dish. I find the plate very fascinating. But then it's way too big to serve anything at home. It's gonna take up more spaces on the table than needed.

Chicken chop with mushroom sauce.

Guinness Stout pork chop! 

I would say the chicken chop is as common as you can find it anywh…

Blackie's Little Pups

Last week when I went to bf's place, I received awesome surprise! Bf's house has 2 dogs. Previously they had puppies but all were gone now due to sickness and some accidents. But then this time, surprise surprise! 
I was surprised by 9 little black and white puppies! They were so adorable! They're just a few days old so they have yet to open their eyes and can't move their limbs. They only snuggle around turning here and there. Super cute just watching them snuggle. Hehehe =D How I wish I can bring at least one home.

But bf told me that the puppies cos of lack of milk and proper food, half were gone. Left 5 pups now =( Sho sad! I have yet to visit them though. I wish the 5 that's left will be able to survive.

Ah this is the father of the pups. His name is Blackie. Ok so they did not call him Blackie. I just translated from its Hakka name. They called him Ah Bu which means ah black. Hahaha! Or just Bubu which means black black.

Happy Mother's Day

It's that time of the year again. For everyone to give their mother a good treat! A time for all of us being children to appreciate our mothers. But then I kinda disagree to this statement. Everyday should be mother's day! Everyone should love and appreciate their mothers every single moment because without them, you will never be in this beautiful world~ So how was your celebration? Did you buy your mom a present? Or treat her out for dinner? Or maybe send her for relaxing spa? 
Last year me and my bro made pizza topped with heart made out of chocolates. This year, I decided to go for something extra! I planned the whole thing about a week ago. Made changes here and there. We celebrated a night earlier because Sunday noon my bro won't be home to help out. Not that he helped out much but still, an extra pair of hands is kinda useful at times like this.
The dinner we cooked for our dearest mommy! I modified most of the dishes into our own taste. Hehe =P

This is salad wrappe…

Labour Day

Just to update what I've been missing. Been slacking around way too much. Tried to busy myself with accounts yet I'm still so free at office that I got to sleep all I want and play all I want. Dang I need more work! Anyone has anything that I can bring to my office and do? Which doesn't require internet connection? Do let me know so I can have extra income =D
Labour day. A day every employee rejoice! Normally I would just stay home for the whole day or maybe hang out at Spring or just drag myself around town. But this year, I was swept off from the city to watch the very serene view of fishing boats and calm water........
I was back at where we had our first lunch date. Hehe =P Yes a place to remember indeed. Plus the food here is good! Oh but am so sorry that because it was a holiday, my blogging mood was also in holiday. Therefore, no photo of food. But we had the fullest lunch ever! And in the end, we had to cancel one dish cos we can't fill anymore into our tummy.

RWMF 2012 Ticket

I finally received my very first Rainforest World Music Festival tickets! Believe me, after so many years, this is my first time I'm gonna be there. Super excited! I finally found someone who will go with me. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~ I made the purchase online viaTicket Charge cos they were having promotion. It's only RM55 for adults ticket. There's service charges and all that but still, it's not expensive. Paid RM129 for 2 tickets for Saturday entry.

Hmm......why do I have a feeling that I'm not spreading my excitement through this post? What's up with me anyway. Ah forget it. Now I'm dreading for May to pass by fast so that June will come faster cos I get to have 2 getaways and then July will be my very virgin experience to the world's awesome party ever!!!

Oh by the way, it's super easy to access to Ticket Charge. You don't need to register (I was a noob!). All you need is just click purchase the tickets, fill in all your details, make your pa…

The DYak

Few weeks back, Dennis had this sudden call to come over Kuching for a day. But too bad, it really was just a day, not even night! So needless to say, a meet up is a must. Since it's a weekday, the only thing I can arrange is dinner as everyone was working. 
The poor guy, with his colleague, they were here since morning and their meeting only lasted for about 2 hours. The rest of the day? They actually marathon from Batu Lintang to Spring! What's more? They walked under the hot sun at 1pm!!! =.= Mind clapping your hands for them? Tell me which Kuchingite will actually walk that distance. No it's not that far but still, would you? Haha!
The whole day me and Mike was planning where to bring them for dinner. It must be something local else they're gonna kill us. After much thoughts, we settled down for The DYak. A rather new small restaurant located near HTC Centre that serves mainly Dayak food. Therefore the name, The DYak. I called up for reservation for in case.