The DYak

Few weeks back, Dennis had this sudden call to come over Kuching for a day. But too bad, it really was just a day, not even night! So needless to say, a meet up is a must. Since it's a weekday, the only thing I can arrange is dinner as everyone was working. 

The poor guy, with his colleague, they were here since morning and their meeting only lasted for about 2 hours. The rest of the day? They actually marathon from Batu Lintang to Spring! What's more? They walked under the hot sun at 1pm!!! =.= Mind clapping your hands for them? Tell me which Kuchingite will actually walk that distance. No it's not that far but still, would you? Haha!

The whole day me and Mike was planning where to bring them for dinner. It must be something local else they're gonna kill us. After much thoughts, we settled down for The DYak. A rather new small restaurant located near HTC Centre that serves mainly Dayak food. Therefore the name, The DYak. I called up for reservation for in case.

6.30pm. Arrived there sharp. Total attendees, only 5 managed to show up. I was quite fascinated by the place. Kept looking around and took photos. Very Dayak style though it's fully air-conditioned, oh by the way, this place is quite cold so remember your jackets =)

Very fine looking place. Modern yet classic. Love the chandeliers love the antiques love the pictures all around the place. They even have a photo of the last Dayak princess hung up behind the cashier counter. Nice!

Love the ambience no? =) I love cozy places like this. Not some bright shining cafe.

Batik clothes are being placed on every table.

They even set oil lamp on each table to add spice to the atmosphere. Love!

Right, food time! We all waited for Mike to help us order since he's the only who went there before. Plus, I'm a noob when it comes to local food. Haha! I surrender!

This is er..........pork I think. Cooked with I-don't-know-what. Looks like some pork curry. I can't remember well. Eh don't blame me, I didn't bother to look at the menu except for the drinks section.

Oh this I know! This is my favourite that night! It's the sweet potato's leaves! Love this! A MUST TRY!!!

This is chef's recommendation of chicken cooked in Dayak style. Not bad. Tasted like what I always had at home. Heee~ I didn't know my mom can cook Dayak food. Haha!

Pork's intestines cooked with pineapple. Not a big fan but not bad. Oh crap! I forgot to take the photo of another dish! It's the chicken soup specially given by the owner of the place. I think his name is Vernom or something like that. Please forgive me if I'm wrong. Apparently Kuching is really small, the treat was given because Mike knows the owner. No wonder he was there before.

Last but not least, the famous dessert, ice-cream with tuak. Tuak is a type of Dayak alcohol. I didn't try on this because I had to send Dennis and Andrew to airport. Gotta drive so better keep away from alco. Though I really would love to try this. Hmm.....think I'm gonna go back some day =D

Thank you Dennis for the dinner treat and thank you Vernom for the special dish! I'll get a day and try some other dish there. Surprisingly the food was enough for 5 of us though the portion seems small at first. Not bad. Do give it a try guys. Worth your money!


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