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KFC Lunch..

Thanks for all collegues for chia me lunch at Country Court last Friday. Alot alot of thankiu.Today and also last two days in the company, so i take this opportunity to chia them back lo... Don't know what to eat also.... need to fixed a budget also bah.... hehe.. End up.. i had got a final decision to chia them just simple lunch.. hehe .. KFC...
:: Serving featured is for illustrated purpose only.. keke.. 1 set HS barrel (21pcs chicken) - RM59.65 1 Large french fries - RM3.29 1 Large potato wedges - RM3.29 12 pcs chicken nuggets - RM8.33 Sub total - RM74.56 5% GST - RM3.73 ::Grand total - RM78.29 (Round up RM78.30)

Black and white

Hah. Let's see what I have been spending lately. Hehe =D Bought these few stuff few weeks ago. Just got no time to update.
The dress was bought online. Cost me RM35 or somewhere there. Forgot dy. The belt from Jenny boutique. Only RM15. Kekeke =D The sandals from Vincci. Also forgot the price dy. Chamz. I'm getting old. Tends to forget things easily =.=''' The necklace and bracelet both bought at State Library. Why library? Cos that time we were having roadshow there mah! Hehehe =D The necklace only RM10 and bracelet RM6. Cheap huh. Now that I remember. Haha!

Ok nothing liaw. Just a simple update of myself.


*Actually there's still more other new stuff which I bought. Will try to update them laters~

To my beloved Mei Ee

Here's to my beloved Mei Ee whose birthday is just two days before me mummy's.

Just a short post for you.

#Wish you all the best in everything you do~
#Stay healthy always
#Stay cheerful, stay fun loving
#Remember! Must stay slim and pretty! Hahaz!
#May all your dreams come true


Me mummy birthday

Two days ago was my beloved mummy's birthday. I bought her a promotional package at Unisense for her to enjoy the massage. Hehe =D My bro made a card for her. Still small bah. Cannot buy anything. As for my dad, he brought us for dinner at Batu Lintang seafood centre together with two of my uncles and three of my cousins. Surely my baby did follow us lor. Hehe =P

The previous night, papa kept asking me what to buy for mum. I said don't know cos I already bought her something. Then in the morning, papa finally decided to ask me help him buy a birthday cake.

So I bought the cake from Taka. It's Mocha cake. Not bad eh. Mum loves coffee. Haha! Anyway, after dinner, we went home to celebrate with mummy.
This is the cake. I only bought half kg cos not many of us at home. And my pap and bro doesn't really enjoy cakes. Which means...left me and mummy eat lor. Kekeke =D
This is me mummy! The Queen of the day~!
Mummy making wishes. She took quite a long time to make wish. Hmm...we…

For Jimmy~

This post specially goes to Jimmy~

First of all, very sorry for my late post. I totally forgot about your birthday until two days later. Really sorry. So here I am. Sending you wishes through this post.

Wishing you~~
#Happy birthday
#Healthy always
#Stay fun, stay friendly, stay cheerful and always remember to smile
#All the best in everything you do
#Have the best of what life gives

A cake for birthday...
Candles for wishes...
Presents for remembrance...
Pictures for memories...
Friends for heart...

To you~


May your wishes come true...

Laziness + Busyness = ?

Found the solution?

Equals to NO BLOG lah!

Aduh! I haven't sign in to my blog for AGES! diuz! I was reading my own blog just now. Then I realize something different. Something funny. My own blog! Didn't even have a single post from me! OMG! What is happening??? I have been working and working and working. Even last weekend also got training. Ngaiti! Lucky I haven't pengz. Will try to dig something to blog later. Got a few ideas up in my brain now. Hahaz!

Anyway, while I was there busy doing my stuff. Thanks to my baby who helped me to keep my blog up to date. Thanks dear~

Gotta run~ Will promise all with updates soon!!!


中秋节快乐 !!!!

* *
* * * 祝: 大家有个快乐的中秋节 !!!!

Chef at Home

第一次 到这间名为 Chef @ Home 的餐厅用餐, 落在辉盛花园一带的住宅区,
环境还不错啦...... 很美一下

价钱方面, 算是中等啦...... 其实蛮贵一下... 还蛮好吃的.... 刚好那时候肚子很饿


烤鸡扒 ~ RM 12.00 Pasta ~ RM16.50
饮料 - Root beer (RM2.00) & Purple berry (RM3.50)

Beijing Olympic 08-08-08 ... 北京欢迎你 (2)


~ 北京厉害~


9/8/08 ---古晋大停電!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember this day..
All the traffic went like crazy,police also busy, all the place ''o o am am''.. SCARED me..
From the news i get to know that almost the whole area of Sarawak except Oya and Limbang facing the same problem.. last 9.05pm the electricity recover liao.. thanks god.

According to media, the same incident might be repeat again anytime... therefore, please standby a torch light or candle.. hehe...



Beyond - 海阔天空


P/s: 最近,不知道为什么很喜欢这首歌.. :-)



One Moment listen please .......

The Moment you are in Tension
You will lose your Attention
Then you are in total Confusion
And you will feel Irritation
Then you will spoil personal Relation
Ultimately, you won't get Co - Operation
Then you will make things Complication
Then your blood pressure may raise Caution
And you may have to take Medication
Instead, understand the Situation
And try to think about the Solution
Many problems will be solved by Discussion
This will work out better in your Profession
Don't think it's my free Suggestion
It's only for your Prevention
If you understand my Intention
You will never come again to Tension

- Bill Gates

Kiwi sundae - licious...

Yummy yummy....

This is a new ice cream favour i bought today at Upwell Supermarket. Its cost me RM4.30..... Had been such a long time i didn't eat ice cream... i like ice cream so much.....

hehe :-)



Yesterday, I had represented the company attending a seminar which organized by Jabatan Akauntan Negara.

The objective of the seminar sound like ''Akta Wang Tidak Dituntut'' (too bad, we not that clear for certain part of the seminar)

Venue : Auditorium Tingkat 17, Bangunan Sultan Iskandar
Date : 31st July 2008
Time : 10am - 12pm

CD and booklets distributed to all participants

Also not forgotten to catch some piches during the tea break session... Kuching got such a nice view .. hehehe...

Luxury Cafe

This the 1st time i dine at this place.The environment here was not bad.. still ok la...
It located at 4th mile.... juz opposite Boulevard Shopping Mall and same row with Am Bank Bhd.....

Unique candle light

My Pattaya Fried Rice @ RM 6.00 Chicken boxing (doesn't look like boxing,hehe) @ RM 5.00

Angel's Luxury Fried Rice @ RM 6.00 (招牌炒饭) P/s: The service not so good.... so please considered it before dine there.. :-(