Me mummy birthday

Two days ago was my beloved mummy's birthday. I bought her a promotional package at Unisense for her to enjoy the massage. Hehe =D My bro made a card for her. Still small bah. Cannot buy anything. As for my dad, he brought us for dinner at Batu Lintang seafood centre together with two of my uncles and three of my cousins. Surely my baby did follow us lor. Hehe =P

The previous night, papa kept asking me what to buy for mum. I said don't know cos I already bought her something. Then in the morning, papa finally decided to ask me help him buy a birthday cake.

So I bought the cake from Taka. It's Mocha cake. Not bad eh. Mum loves coffee. Haha! Anyway, after dinner, we went home to celebrate with mummy.
This is the cake. I only bought half kg cos not many of us at home. And my pap and bro doesn't really enjoy cakes. Which means...left me and mummy eat lor. Kekeke =D
This is me mummy! The Queen of the day~!
Mummy making wishes. She took quite a long time to make wish. Hmm...we were wondering what was she wishing for. Haha! Mummy memang mummy...
Weee~ There. Blow the candle. Only one candle. Haha! Mummy only 10years old! Hahahaha~ Wana know her age? Nyehehehe =P Not gonna tell you.

Here's to me mummy:~

#Wish you healthy always
#Stay fun and loving as always
#May all your wishes come true
#May you stay pretty always
#May you get the best of life

Mummy, here's what I wana say...

~I promise mummy, I will be a good girl of yours and will not allow you to work anymore when I have enough income to support you. Hehe =)



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