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31st December 2007

It's the last day of year 2007 now. Anything up tonight? Sure all of you have plans huh. As for me, my mum's coming back from KL this noon. Tonight I can go places but...due to some reason I don't think I'm going anywhere.

Forget about tonight...

Let's look back year 2007...I've been tagged by Sharon and am still havent do the tag yet. I am to write about happy moments during year 2007. Many things happened this year. Not that very happy. But...BUT!

There's one thing I wana declare here...One thing which brighten up my days alot! Which is...I'm really glad I've met a group of new friends.. This is us! We are one! And no one can beat us down! Blood is thicker than water =) Skype is more than everything!

I'll find a day to post up everything I haven't update. Hehe =) Cheers people~ Have fun tonight!

Emo Post

It's 30th Dec today and the time now is 1.45am. I'm very awake now. Few friends are at my house now. Am very happy tonight that they all came over for steamboat. Even my cousins came.

LOVE THEM MUCH!!!! To the very bits!!!

Can I have some emo post now? Haha! It's funny how someone who is drunk can even blog. Hahahah! Ok fine. I'm not drunk. I just feel drunk. I mean, I wana get drunk but I can't.

ARGh! Crapping!!! Just feel like updating la actually. Cos I haven't been updating my blog for days since my mum left. Will story more in my later post =)

Cheers people~ How did you celebrate your Christmas? And how are you gonna party for tomorrow night? Hahahaha! I hear laughter from living room. Nice friends I have with me.

Really love you all~ Thanks so much for accompanying me for nights~ Hugs and kisses~

Will post up what I did and where I went while my mum and bro isnt' around. Hahaha! No pic for this post. I know it's bored. Aiya just read nia ma! Hahahaha!


ED Xmas Party @ Teachers' house

Last weekend there was a Christmas Party being held at Alysha & Paul's house. This Christmas Party is specially for EarthDance stoodent. Hiakz!

Venue: Dodi & Momi house
Time: 7pm til late

As always, I don't like to go any party being late. So I left earlier. Much earlier. Haha! Went to buy gifts for the night. Shopped around Green Gallery and BDC with Alvin and Allen. They're so nice to accompany me buy gifts. Haha! Thanks guys~

Anyway, after I bought the gift, went to aunty's house to take the noodle and head over to teachers' house. I was the first to reach. Haha!
Then Alysha handed me a piece of paper, asked me to write my name and some wishes. It's for the gift exchange later. Then I was dutied to collect people's name. Haha!
I expect to do some arranging there but ended up with these things. A basket and an orange container. Whoever comes in will have to come to me, I'll have to pass them papers and pens to write their names. Hahaha!
Jeng jeng …

Bloggers meet with Alex Wong @ Tao

First of all, this is a SUPER outdated post! Haha! I was supposed to post this last weekend but the stupid blogspot doesn't allow. So what else can I do besides waiting and waiting? Wait la!

Anyway, there was a bloggers meet with Alex Wong at Tao Lifestyle Cafe being held on the 8th of Dec, 2pm to 5pm. All bloggers were invited. You guys must be wondering, who the heck is this Alex Wong so tai sai. Haha! Later I'll post some info about him.
I was there around half hour earlier, 1.30pm la! Saw Tim, Ting, Jimmy and Irene when I was at the entrance. There was a notice pasted at the entrance. Hehe =D Tao was being closed for US! Haha! Going in, I saw.....
Ehon Chan! Super busy man of the day~ He's the organizer of this meet. So he's been sitting there, distributing stuff and keying stuff into his notebook.
This is what I got from him. Stickers and small flyers of Alex Wong @ STM (Single Track Mind). I was too given a small card to redeem free drinks. Weee~~
Uglymen was ther…

ED's Shuai Ge

Just a short vid from the xmas party last night. These are the 5 finalist for MR XMAS 2007. Haha! Enjoy~

p/s: I didn't record the part where they breakdance. Urgh!

Tao Lifestyle Cafe

Presenting Tao Lifestyle Cafe~~~~~~ Owned by a young lady named Irene...
My first visit to Tao Lifestyle Cafe...It's located at Jalan Padungan...
They have very nice interior design...I love...
These bottles are placed along the counter....CUte~
Nice decors.....Unique~
Dried fruits as decor as well.....
I'm so in love with this waterfall...Haha! I'm gonna have one next time in my house. Hehe =D
Snowflakes~~~~~~~~~~~ Christmas~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ People around town....Do visit Tao...A nice place to hangout...Very comfy....Enjoy yourself~

Rest In Peace Grandpa

This is specially for my late-grandpa who passed away on Tuesday noon. May he rest in peace in Heaven.

I didn't catch how he looked like...It had been 14years...Though it's such long time but I still went church this morning...I wasn't recognized by all of them...It's sad how my own dad doesn't even recognize me...

But it's over...

Grandpa...I went and I left...

Specially for someone...

Life goes on




Argh damnit! Life goes on! So fark off all the misunderstandings!

Who should be hurt?

Why are things going this way? What am I suppose to do now? I can't have both...I can't choose just one...

Well, I'm only listening from one..But I can't abandon the other. Some things just can't be cleared this way..

If it's really her fault...then why? But if it's his fault...then what for? If I choose her...he'll be hurt...but this thing is vise versa...

None of them should be hurt...If I leave...He'll be hurt...If I stay...She'll be hurt...So how? Oh Lord! I'm so lost!

The Rock Party @ FEV.ER

As I had posted earlier on, there will be a Rock Party being held at FEV.ER on 08-12-07. And of course, I joined the gang, Gladys, Anna, Tim, Ting, Rose, JF, Jimmy, Irene, Allen and Alvin over there. I reached there with Gladys, met up with Tim, Ting and Angie, head over for dinner.
Went back to FEV.ER after dinner and start snapping pics. First time in FEV.ER bah. Hehe =)
The stage where they're gonna perform. The front table is always empty, so we bloggers took it. Haha! And OMG! It was so loud! The speaker was right in front of us!
Cute ler? This pic was taken by Anna with my camera. I was away for half hour. 15mins before the show start I left cos have to deal with some stuff. Lots of misunderstanding when I was away =)
We had beers too. I didn't take much. Half glass only cos I was driving that night. Hehe =)
Some vain shots of Rambo before the show starts. Haha! Didn't know Rambo is so vain! =P
This is Channel 1. I manage to catch only one song which happens to be my…