Bloggers meet with Alex Wong @ Tao

First of all, this is a SUPER outdated post! Haha! I was supposed to post this last weekend but the stupid blogspot doesn't allow. So what else can I do besides waiting and waiting? Wait la!

Anyway, there was a bloggers meet with Alex Wong at Tao Lifestyle Cafe being held on the 8th of Dec, 2pm to 5pm. All bloggers were invited. You guys must be wondering, who the heck is this Alex Wong so tai sai. Haha! Later I'll post some info about him.
I was there around half hour earlier, 1.30pm la! Saw Tim, Ting, Jimmy and Irene when I was at the entrance. There was a notice pasted at the entrance. Hehe =D Tao was being closed for US! Haha! Going in, I saw.....
Ehon Chan! Super busy man of the day~ He's the organizer of this meet. So he's been sitting there, distributing stuff and keying stuff into his notebook.
This is what I got from him. Stickers and small flyers of Alex Wong @ STM (Single Track Mind). I was too given a small card to redeem free drinks. Weee~~
Uglymen was there too!!! I heard SLaP was coming but didn't see a sign of them. RAMBO!! FFK!! Haha!
There~ Our very engtao Alex Wong~ He's erm...singer, photographer and lots more la.
We played games too. This one above is to snap 3 funny faces of Alex. I didn't get it. Haha! Clicked either too fast or too slow whereby his face was still covered by the paper. Hehe =D
He sings too~ Nice voice~ Really nice~
Close up shot~ Oh and the flower was given by Sam. Haha!
This bucket is owned by Irene, owner of Tao. Guess how much this bucket cost? Hehe =D
We were being served with cakes, sandwiches, etc...
This poh piah taste real good!!! The sauce is nice!!!
Now! Camwhore time! Let's see who I spotted at Tao. Hehe =)
Long lost friend, Justin~ He grows fatter. Haha! =P
Mrs High Mega? Hehe =) Cos her darling just bought a DSLR ma!
Irene and I~ Haha! We're the press~
Ah How was there too!!! Still I didn't see Rambo! Urgh! Neither is Leslie! All FFK us!
Then, there you go, our Mr BenBen. Haha!
Alvin piggie~ Haha! He was there for a lil while only. Went off for some shooting if I'm not wrong. Hehe =D But he made it all the way there~ Owh~ And Allen, thanks for joining as well~
Last but not least! Jimmy! He's sure there la! Blogger wad. Haha! There's still lotsa people there: Rose, JF, Ah Bao, Gladys, Anna ( Ehon's part time gf, as declared by himself ) Haha! Erm..spotted Sam and Kenny, Charlene too! Who else who else.....Owh! Ah Ge!!! First time meeting her. Hehe =) It's a small small world out there~ Cheers people!
Special thanks to Ehon~~~~~


rambochai said…
aiya... really sorry for that day ... i got sleep very late because of the rock party ... i sleep at 5am lah ...
SilverIsle said…
I was there too mar. =P

BTW, have linked you in my blog oh.

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