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New family member

This year's Chinese New Year eve, as usual we went back to kampung for the whole day. I didn't take much pic of other stuff because things were so normal. Haha! It's so routine-like.

But then I was welcomed by a new member of the family. He was there for few months already. My uncle brought him back. Heard it was given by a friend.
His name is Ling Ling. Haha! No actual name. Because everyone calls him differently. And I wonder how the pups knows how to response. Hahaha!

He is super active! Runs everywhere and is not afraid of you. Will go near you and likes to climb onto your lap or just grab your thigh if you're standing.

He is tied to the staircase next to the temple. At first he was super active but then after awhile playing with me. I somehow trained him to be quiet. Hahaha! He settles down quietly beside me. Hehe =)

Hmm...I wonder why is the tail so short. Maybe mix breed? Oya! I saw a Dalmatian when I was on my way back to kampung. It's big!!! And it's such …

Chinese New Year Gathering - Reunion II

On the 6th day of Chinese New Year, I organized another reunion for my primary school since many of them came back from KL and had requested for it cos they missed out the first one.

This time we had something different. Instead of paying for what you eat, we went for buffet steamboat at D11. It is also located at Ban Hock. It's just right behind Hornbill steamboat. Price per pax was RM17 because we had many people. Drinks is RM2 per can. The food not bad worh~~ Very fresh and nice!

Time set was 7pm sharp. I was a lil late because had to pick up Edmund and Jim from church. Someone was actually earlier than I am. Surprise surprise~~
Jason and Kim Teck. The two early birds. Teck called me up when he reached and asked what name did I put for reservation. Haha!

It's been quite some time since I last saw Jason. He really changed alot! And Kim Teck definitely built himself well =)

This is Andrew and his gf. This time I had it open invites. As in, can bring your bf, gf, husband, wife a…

Sze Sze & Mimuk Wedding

Ok finally I'm blogging again. My blogging session had went slow ever since I start using Photobucket because I had to edit the photos one by one. Haiz...

Ok let's continue to my blog.

On the 7th of February, my dear friend Sze Sze finally upgraded her status to be Mrs Lai. Hehe =) And I was there super early. Not for her. But for her husband. Woke up around 5.30am to shower and get ready before head down to bf's place and then we went to the newly weds' new house at Stutong area.

I love their landscaping. The grass are awesomely soft!!! And it's such beauty to have the morning breeze in this lil garden of theirs.

Their new house. Not exactly theirs because staying with parents in law. Now see that silver Hilux over there? I actually drove that all the way up til 17th mile and back at Stutong twice on that day! Hahaha! Geng leh~ It's a very very great experience driving a car I never drove before and going all the way up to 17th mile for the first time.

A simple d…