New family member

This year's Chinese New Year eve, as usual we went back to kampung for the whole day. I didn't take much pic of other stuff because things were so normal. Haha! It's so routine-like.

But then I was welcomed by a new member of the family. He was there for few months already. My uncle brought him back. Heard it was given by a friend.
His name is Ling Ling. Haha! No actual name. Because everyone calls him differently. And I wonder how the pups knows how to response. Hahaha!

He is super active! Runs everywhere and is not afraid of you. Will go near you and likes to climb onto your lap or just grab your thigh if you're standing.

He is tied to the staircase next to the temple. At first he was super active but then after awhile playing with me. I somehow trained him to be quiet. Hahaha! He settles down quietly beside me. Hehe =)

Hmm...I wonder why is the tail so short. Maybe mix breed? Oya! I saw a Dalmatian when I was on my way back to kampung. It's big!!! And it's such a beauty!!! Awww.....Papa drove too fast that I wasn't able to snap a photo of it. Nice arh!!!

And this is his lil crib. Beneath the staircase. Guess it's more comfy and cooling down there. The weather was super hot and I had to fill his bucket with water twice to let him drink.

Will post up more of CNY stuff some other day. This year's CNY is very very exciting!!! Hehe =) Til then~ Wishing you all HAPPY CHAP GOH MEH!


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