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Wrap Up Party at Elephant Cafe & HOF

Dated 19th October 2012. Sam called for a wrap up dinner for the IYCC video shoot at Elephant Cafe located at Ang Cheng Ho. I've only been to this cafe once and I don't really favour their food but no harm giving it a second chance. 
The menu. Rather simple. Printed only very very normal pieces of paper =.=

Hot lemon tea serves me best that night as I just got discharged from hospital 4 days ago and was still under medication. Huuuuuu~

I think this is the chicken chop. Can't really remember though. Way too long ago already.

But I remember this. It's Justin's salad which everyone borrowed to snap a photo =P

After dinner, the group separated and I joined Ian and the few over to HOF. HOF sports bar located at Brighton Square. My current favourite hangout place for Guinness =) Apart from Porkies of course. But Porkies is still the best cos they have better food. Heee~

Ian the Director of Photography of 4CG. Miko the soon-to-be Director of Photography and Jarvis, the m…

First Time Hospitalized

I guess I'm back at blogging =) Hello world! This is a super post-dated post. Gonna do a quick one and then a proper end to year 2012 and then again, the question, what's my resolution this year? That will be up next. Here is gonna be my post which was supposed to be up by end of October. Story is...
When I came back from my KL vacation during end of September, I haven't been feeling that well. I started to work at a new place and things start to go wrong. Not the job scope kind of wrong but my health kind of wrong. I started to feel pain when I pee and I have blood discharge. No it's not my monthly menstrual discharge. It's blood in the urine. I didn't really bother cos I thought I was just over-heated due to lack of water consumption. So I let it be.
Until I was down with fever one afternoon. I started to feel dizzy and I know it's not right. So I had my dear rescuer Martin and Fabian to pick me up from my workplace and sent me home. Once home, I vomited…