Wrap Up Party at Elephant Cafe & HOF

Dated 19th October 2012. Sam called for a wrap up dinner for the IYCC video shoot at Elephant Cafe located at Ang Cheng Ho. I've only been to this cafe once and I don't really favour their food but no harm giving it a second chance. 

The menu. Rather simple. Printed only very very normal pieces of paper =.=

Hot lemon tea serves me best that night as I just got discharged from hospital 4 days ago and was still under medication. Huuuuuu~

I think this is the chicken chop. Can't really remember though. Way too long ago already.

But I remember this. It's Justin's salad which everyone borrowed to snap a photo =P

After dinner, the group separated and I joined Ian and the few over to HOF. HOF sports bar located at Brighton Square. My current favourite hangout place for Guinness =) Apart from Porkies of course. But Porkies is still the best cos they have better food. Heee~

Ian the Director of Photography of 4CG. Miko the soon-to-be Director of Photography and Jarvis, the man serving at HOF.

Little did I know that Jarvis is actually the silver medalist in Wushu in Sukma XV. Proud of us Sarawakian eh. Hehe =P

A snap with the DP.

And with Elton the Camera Operator of 4CG.

Ha! Stole 7 pesos from Miko's wallet that night =P Yeap he's a Spanish Filipino so that explains the attractive look. =D

Last but not least, it was still Octoberfest but I can't drink a sip so nope that's not my mug. So sad!!!


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