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Baby Louis

OH-SO-CUTE pictures coming!!!! ************* ********* ****** **** ***


Hehe =D


Cute isn't he? Hahaha! But he's not mine so please erase away those expression. LoLx! He's a lil baby boy belongs to one of our customer. Hehe =) Chubby lil Louis~

Sony try-outs

Here are some pictures I taken using another camera. The SONY DSC-T30 with 7.2megapixels. Sorry the rest of the features I ain't sure. Hehe =)

I still think my pictures taken not so well. Give some comment ya~

Honestly, I love this picture much! The bright light shone from behind. Hehe =)

Do they look real? LoLx! I manage to trick some people. Hahaha!

Decision & Opportunity

What does it mean actually... sometimes it is hard for us to make a good decision when the opportunity come ..... :(

Opportunity (机会)- A time or set of circumstances that are suitable for a particular purpose

Decision (决定)- Making a reasoned judgement about something; the ability to form a clear opinions and act on them; or the judgement itself

fromThe Oxford Paperback Dictionary
4th Edition, 1994

Working myths

We often hear our elderly says if we study hard then we'll have better jobs and earn more money next time. But now, do you still think this works?

It does for certain company BUT nowadays, let's review the newspaper advertising column, many are requesting for experience over the years and not how many pieces of certificates do you have. But with that, we can't say that we doesn't wanna study and yet still get good jobs right?

So, what are we suppose to do? Study or gain experience?

Next question. How to choose a good job?

Do we choose our job based on family background? Your dad's a lawyer, mum's a lawyer, bro's a lawyer and what about you? A lawyer too? Sigh...

Or do we choose our job based on our college qualifications? Study accounting must be an accountant. Study business must be a businessman. Is that the right way?

OR should we choose our job based on our interest? I don't know. You say?

Think about it. Over the years, you were working for an acco…


Here are some action movies to be watch ...

: ~ P

Batman : The Dark Knignt
Hellboy 2 : The Golden Army The Mummy : Tomb of The Dragon Emperor



This is a site which introduce alot of delicious foods. It known as Greenbento (nice name rite) ..hehehe.... Here are some menu recommended too. You may order it as your lunch at a reasonable price. :P

For more info. --->

Spagehetti Bolognise with chicken chop ~ RM9.50

1/4 chicken with home made mashed potato ~ RM11.00
Deep fried chicken chop with breadcrumbs ~ RM7.00
Sweet and sour chicken ~ RM7.50 Special offers: Orders received by e-mail or SMS will receive a free barley drink. This offer is valid with the June/July menu only starting from June 12th 2008. Order can be make thru



"It's holding hands that makes a relationship last...not hot sex"


The time has finally arrived!!! For the new legendary laptop OF MINE!!! Hahaha! Siao eh me!

Me and baby decided to share a laptop few months ago. After much surveying, we got our hands down on the latest HP Presario C700~ Weee~ The box. Haha! Pun mau take pic =.='''
That's the laptop case which is FREE~ blek~
The very nice salesman also gave us a free optical mouse and a headset. The headset was not in pic cos it was given late and now I'm lazy to take pic of it. Haha!
There you go~ My new love~ Hahaha!
It's just classic. Now mainly been used by my baby cos this laptop is actually bought for him. Just to make his work easier.

AND ALSO! I'm here to promote myself~ I mean us. Haha! We are both now doing freelance accounting. SO~ If any of you has any accounts need us to do. Just email us at Thanks~!


Dinner @ Sushi KinG ..

i went to dinner wif my loving darling at Sushi King :-p
seem like quite alot people.. maybe it juz beginning of the month whereby every1 baru received their salary bah..that y lo..... hehe

here some pic. i take hehe.. some funny pic.

Sushi King
Sake don Chuka iidako - (Octopus)

Sake (Fresh salmon) Lastly.. left a piece of chuka iidako.. hehe.. naughty dar dar say want to take pic. before throw into mouth.

Happy 4th Month Anniversary~!

My honeyMy BabyMy SweetieMY LOVE~!

Lovin' you much mUch MUCH as each day passed~Now that is what we call happiness *winks* I LOVE YOU~!

With loads of love~
Perpetua Angeline