The time has finally arrived!!! For the new legendary laptop OF MINE!!! Hahaha! Siao eh me!

Me and baby decided to share a laptop few months ago. After much surveying, we got our hands down on the latest HP Presario C700~ Weee~ The box. Haha! Pun mau take pic =.='''
That's the laptop case which is FREE~ blek~
The very nice salesman also gave us a free optical mouse and a headset. The headset was not in pic cos it was given late and now I'm lazy to take pic of it. Haha!
There you go~ My new love~ Hahaha!
It's just classic. Now mainly been used by my baby cos this laptop is actually bought for him. Just to make his work easier.

AND ALSO! I'm here to promote myself~ I mean us. Haha! We are both now doing freelance accounting. SO~ If any of you has any accounts need us to do. Just email us at Thanks~!



ahlost said…
RM1879 for a laptop? Quite affordable hor. The last time I saw, the cheapest was RM1999. Where did you buy that?

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