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Baby Elaine's Birthday

Hello! I just got back home from a short weekend trip to Miri. Was there to celebrate Father's Day. Nope not my dad. My dad's at KL. We're there to celebrate with bf's family. Yep he's from Miri =)
Ah tired tired tired! The weather had been killing I think not only me but also everyone else. I don't like to complain about the weather cos it's something I can't do anything about. But then it's really way too hot that I've been showering with only cold water and no heater. Beat my own record! =P
It's gonna take me few days to upload those photos taken at Miri so please bear with me. Meanwhile, let's hop back to the Gawai holidays. So how was your long holiday? During the weekend, me and fellow ex-colleagues went all the way up to 17th mile to celebrate Sze Sze's daughter's birthday. 
Little Elaine definitely grow faster than anyone can thought of. She's already 1 year old! Already can walk and even climb stairs. Naughty naught…


Last Thursday night after dance class, we went for supper. When one is too lazy to drive further to look for food, we just settled down at the nearest we can get. Sawasdee is located just next to my dance studio at Jalan Mendu. The place was opened few months ago but I never been there. It looks like a place for drinks but what you didn't expect was the good food available.
I found someone who loves chicken wings as much as I do =P And we always split them equally. He will get the big arm part and I will have the 2 tiny pieces. Sharing is caring no? Hehe =)

Steamed dumplings. Love! But I do prefer Life Cafe's dumplings. This one is more to Thai style. This cafe serves mainly Thai food.

Their special sauce. Ketchup with mayo.

What I like about this cafe is not exactly the food but the atmosphere. I love how they have low rattan chairs placed outside. Can always enjoy the windy nights that way =)

Do give it a try. Price wise, it's just the standard ones. Nothing more.

Puppies Update

Time really flies eh. It's already June! 5 months of 2012 gone just like that. When you thought it's the year of disaster, it passed by just like that without anyone knowing or even remember clearly what had happened. It's now the last month for the first half of 2012. Dang! What have you done so far? Is there anything that you should achieve in this 6 months and have yet to do it? Well get your ass going right now! Do it before it's too late =)
As for me, I managed to survive the mountains and thunderstorms in my relationship. Though still in a little shaky condition but I'm learning. We're both learning. Learning more and more each day about each other. Figuring out what's right and what won't work for us. Plastering scars and wounds here and there. Things will be fine. I'm sure it will be =) Have faith. Believe and you will be able to do it.
When I see June coming, I know that the rainbow is glowing. I hope the next half year will be a better ye…