Baby Elaine's Birthday

Hello! I just got back home from a short weekend trip to Miri. Was there to celebrate Father's Day. Nope not my dad. My dad's at KL. We're there to celebrate with bf's family. Yep he's from Miri =)

Ah tired tired tired! The weather had been killing I think not only me but also everyone else. I don't like to complain about the weather cos it's something I can't do anything about. But then it's really way too hot that I've been showering with only cold water and no heater. Beat my own record! =P

It's gonna take me few days to upload those photos taken at Miri so please bear with me. Meanwhile, let's hop back to the Gawai holidays. So how was your long holiday? During the weekend, me and fellow ex-colleagues went all the way up to 17th mile to celebrate Sze Sze's daughter's birthday. 

Little Elaine definitely grow faster than anyone can thought of. She's already 1 year old! Already can walk and even climb stairs. Naughty naughty girl! We all shared a bicycle for her. Happy she is =)

Happy little Elaine with her new bicycle =D

It was really good seeing everyone once in awhile in a small gather. We don't meet often nor speak often cos everyone is so busy with their own life. Sometimes I tend to think, can I meet my friends every night? Maybe I schedule them by the days. Which friend on Monday night, which friend on Tuesday night and so on. Boy I really need to fill in my night schedules now. I'm way too free and am blocking bf's time =(

Sigh.....anyone wants to hire me? Monday to Friday from 5pm until 10pm. Hahaha! I need more activities to occupy my time. If only I can donate my free time to bf so that he can rest more. He's getting busier and busier each day with work and house reno. I don't like to see him being so tired after the long day. I really wish I can help out. Sigh.............................

Til then~


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