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From Blogging to Vlogging

Growing up with a brother 9 years younger than me, that’s a huge gap of knowledge transfer and a whole new world to learn about the new generation. Last night as I was at a TETHER session with the Sarawak Bloggers core team and a few new young blood, I realised how much blogging has changed. We were seated at a long table. Half the table are us, the 30 and above with our beers in hand talking about health. The other half, is the group of active social media users. The group that talks about YouTube, Instagram, cinematography, digital nomad and mostly there’s this new word called Vlog or V-log. I still have no idea how to pronounce that word.
Looking at them playing around with their phones, taking videos or “stories” for their Instagram, my mind was asking myself “What was I doing or where was I when I was 20 years old?”.

This morning I got my answer. I was learning how to customise my blog template.

The journalists or reporters in the olden days have to buy pens and papers to write…

Time Out

Time out. It's good for you. It's good for everyone actually. We all need time out once in awhile. It's sort of like a meditation which some people do it every morning or every evening. I don't do meditation because I can't focus. I just started yoga. Which it does help with clearing your mind for that one hour. But at times I couldn't find my peace during the class. I will stare into the ceiling and my mind starts to plan what to do tomorrow. Now speaking of that, I think I have something planned but then I forgot. Will get back to that planning later. 
So, time out. I'm talking more on a longer hours time out. A day or two or even a week to a month. We work everyday. We have our daily routines to follow. We have meetings and deadlines. We have friends and family to entertain. We sometimes give ourselves a little me-time during the weekend but some weekends will be allocated for gatherings and there goes our me-time. 
Work is fun but work can be stressful…

Friends and Effort

Friends. They come and go. Everyone cross path with you for a reason. Either to be your lifelong dependable friend or just to teach you a lesson. Some come and go as quick as the quicksand. Some stayed on for couple of months and take their departure once the mission completes. While some, is just a phone call away since day one. 
So how do you know who belongs to which category? 
The answer is, you don't.
Living for 30 years, having friends for as long as 20 years, I realised that it is all about the effort. The phrase, 'It takes two to tango' is so accurate that it can even predict the rainy and sunny days. What kind of effort are we talking about here? We're talking about the effort to make friend(s) and keep up the effort to make that friendship last with even the smallest step.
Have you ever thought about the effort you make? What did you do to keep that friendship? Or the effort your friend(s) made to meet up, to call, or merely just a simple text to say 'Hi…