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Current Status I've been blogging much every weekend of August and today happens to be the last Sunday of August 2009. But lucky for everyone, tomorrow is public holiday cos it's MERDEKA! Happy for merdeka? Or happy for holiday? Haha!

Ok so I've blogged alot. But there's still one more left. It's my dear ex-colleague, Cecelia's wedding. Will try post up tomorrow. Now kinda lazy. Trying to look for games and quizzes in fb. Kekeke =D

Tomorrow morning gonna bring mum to Indulgence for massage. And she wants me to wait there for one hour with her =.=''' What am I gonna do??? Bring my novel maybe. Hehe =P Oh hey! I just remembered! I haven't post something! Wait wait! Will post it up tomorrow too. Or if later maybe. Just a short post lah.

Anyway, I have been great. Great with work. Learning more and more things and there are lots more to be learnt =D~ People who sees me told me that I do looked happier with current job. Haha!

Ups and downs in my relationsh…

Sudoku Competition

Ahem! It's 30th of August today and I'm posting something that happened on the 1st of August. Hahaha!!!

The story is....On the 1st of August, one of the subsidiary company of SEDC organized a sudoku competition at Sarawak Plaza. Separated into 2 categories. One for kids and one for adults. And well of course, someone like me will definitely join a competition like that. Don't you know I love sudoku?? Hehe =D

Reached there quite early to register myself. Baby came along too. But he didn't join cos he doesn't know how to solve the puzzle. Haha! =P~ After registered, we went to eat KFC. Yum~ And bumped into Jim Kesom! Lolx! I know that's not your name but that's what you were called. Haha! Loooooong time friend!!!
Ok so here it is. That's before the competition starts. They actually have the 2 categories sitting for the competition at one time. Cos there was not many people for the kids category.
A small stage was set up.
See banyak orang kepoz kat sana.

The m…

Happy Birthday Mummy~!

Last Saturday was me mummy's birthday. I didn't give her any present though. Don't know what to buy. Hehe =P So the night before, I went to Taka with baby and bought her a cake.

The very nice girl gave me discount on my purchase even though I forgot to bring my discount card. And she gave me something else too. Show you later. Thanks gurl~
Bought mummy a fruit cake. The girl told me it's still fresh cos just baked not long ago. The cake is pandan sponge and it has blueberry jam in between. Very very yummy~~~
Nice or not? I love to see cakes with lit candles...
Sorry for certain blur pics. Don't know what happened to baby that night.
The birthday Queen~!

What did mummy wish for????
Lala~ Happy Birthday~!

And there....
This is what I got free from Taka. It's Oreo cheese cake. Nice arh! Hehe =D


Langkawi-KL Trip Day VII

Hola~~ It's the last day of my trip to Langkawi and KL. Our flight was to be at 3.40pm. So we had half of the day to tour around still. But we didn't do anything much though. Let's see shall we? Hehe =D

We had our free breakfast at the hotel cafe.Baby had American breakfast. I like them too =D
But I chose to have kueh tiaw soup. Something more soupy for me. And then we went back hotel to pack our stuff all good. Make sure everything's cleared. And we went to check out.

After checked out, we went to look for food for lunch. Hehe =P~
Yes we had McD for our lunch and no this pic isn't taken at Sunway. It's the Sunway duck greeting us outside McD at Bukit Bintang.
And then I saw something!!!!!
See that??? Muahahaha!!!! I own a shop! Blek~~~~
Ok back at hotel to wait for our taxi to come. Got nothing to do so we lepak around the lobby area. And I saw that this hotel actually won awards before! How great is that? Hehe =) I do like this hotel. It's nice and clean.
And t…

Langkawi-KL Trip Day VI

Day 6~~~

The second last day at KL of this trip. Wuu wuu~~~ I don't wana come home!!! Haha!

We went to the Pavilion for our first visit =DD~~It's just down the road from our hotel! Super near! I'm so glad I chose that hotel. Haha! I've been seeing pictures of Pavilion all over around and about. Even in KL drama series too! It's so nice! So I just wana get my feet there!
A super nice fountain greets us at the main entrance. Um...It's the Bukit Bintang Entrance actually. You'll see why later.
Like I said before, I heart fountains~~~
Yay~~~ Ain't it beautiful? Awww.......
So a picture is a MUST! I heart fountains~~~~~~~~
Now this is why I said it's the Bukit Bintang Entrance. Let's see what I'm wearing. Scarf from baby via online purchase. Top from SEED. Shorts from Genting =D Flip-flops from Langkawi Oriental Village. Sling bag from Esprit. Muahaha! Wearing cheap clothes and walk into Pavilion? OMG! I felt so downgraded!!! But at least I have Espri…