Sudoku Competition

Ahem! It's 30th of August today and I'm posting something that happened on the 1st of August. Hahaha!!!

The story is....On the 1st of August, one of the subsidiary company of SEDC organized a sudoku competition at Sarawak Plaza. Separated into 2 categories. One for kids and one for adults. And well of course, someone like me will definitely join a competition like that. Don't you know I love sudoku?? Hehe =D

Reached there quite early to register myself. Baby came along too. But he didn't join cos he doesn't know how to solve the puzzle. Haha! =P~ After registered, we went to eat KFC. Yum~ And bumped into Jim Kesom! Lolx! I know that's not your name but that's what you were called. Haha! Loooooong time friend!!!
Ok so here it is. That's before the competition starts. They actually have the 2 categories sitting for the competition at one time. Cos there was not many people for the kids category.
A small stage was set up.
See banyak orang kepoz kat sana.

The man in red is the speaker. Talks about rules and regulations before competition starts.
Tick tock tick tock! Clock strikes 1pm sharp and everyone started~~~
The kids were given 1 puzzle to solve whereas the adults were given 2 puzzles.
Everyone so concentrating. Hahaha!!!
These are the prizes. Not only get to have the trophy, prizes such as a night stay at Damai Puri and buffet at Riverside and also shopping vouchers were given away.
The girls at the registration table.

Nah that's me. Si beh serious concentrating on the puzzle.
And it was this very puzzle that got me stuck. I managed to solve the other one but stuck with this one. Haha!
This is what baby always do. When he see people snapping pictures, instead of snapping the same thing, he snaps the photographer =.='''
Haiz....buat susah susah...
See the kids already done lor.
Ting~! Times up!
Guess who won?
This girl won for the kids category. And as for the adults category....low batt....zzz....

I didn't win anything cos can't finish the stupid puzzle. Haha! But I was given a token of appreciation by them. It's a KFC voucher. Hahahahaha!!!! KFC anyone???

It's a good experience lah. Well, if anyone happens to know anymore of this competition, do let me know can? I would love to join again =D~


chloramphenicol said…
ehem.. i won 3rd price in adult categr haha...

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