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Supper On Car

Dated 6th December 2012. A very sudden plan at night after work. The two naughty boys decided to come to my house after work. I ended my shift at 7pm and theirs at 10pm. All of a sudden, they drove all the way to my house with liquors and keropoks in their car and there we go. Supper!
We do it the car roof style~ Oh yeah~ I cooked Maggi for them. Haha!

Korean beer bought from our shop. Hehe it's just normal though =/

Tony's 20th Birthday

Dated 1st December 2012. As per previous post, I wrote that I had to rush off elsewhere right? Yup. It was Tony's birthday and a few of us colleagues were gonna celebrate it for him. So I had to rush off to get pizza. Initially I ordered from Tom's Pizza at DaLight but somehow the staff lost my order and I went speechless. Shit happens. So immediately I went off to Flinders and get some pizza. Luckily the place wasn't close yet as it's rather late already. 
Right after I got the pizza, I went back to RH Plaza and we went just the coffee shop opposite our work place for the celebration. 
The birthday cake baked by his sister who was working with Taka Cake House. We were thinking what words to put on it. And voila! My idea came out! Those Chinese words mean "Little Monkey, older by a year lor" Hahaha! Yup this monkey just reached 20 last year.

The birthday boy trying to look innocent.

A traditional game that must never be missed at any birthday celebration. He…

Ben & Susan's Wedding

Dated 1st December 2012. I know what you'll say. Another wedding! Haha! Yup! It was just a happy year end for my family last year. 2 of my cousins got married in just 2 months time. Syok eh!
This time it's Ben and Susan's wedding. Lovely couple~ But I missed out alot on that day because I had to go to work. Couldn't get any leave =( So sad! 
Ben and his heng tais~ So cool right? Oh btw, most of these photos were taken from Jabez's facebook account. Because I wasn't around to take a single photo =( Jabez is Ben's younger bro =)

The church session. I even missed this most touching moments. It must have been really beautiful.

I just gotta post this photo of them. Such cute couple! Hehehe =D I've always love Susan for her cheerful fun personality~ Welcome to the Ho family darling~

I only managed to attend the dinner which was held at Four Points. Had to rush there from work also. But then I had to leave early because there's another birthday party waiti…

International Youth Cultural Conference (IYCC) Kuching 2012

Dated 30th November 2012. A date I will remember for the rest of my life. An event I will cherish alot. 
Because it was my first time getting up on stage as a co-host with Cyril for an international event! 
I must say, all this couldn't be working without the support from Cyril aka my boss! Hehehe =P Without him giving me this opportunity, I wouldn't be having so much fun before the event. Remember my video I posted long time ago? Yep. That video was made for this event. I know I know. I'm so backdated now. Hehe =D
30th Nov is actually the last day for this conference. It lasted for whole 3 days at Sarawak Cultural Village. With tons of workshops and activities, this conference aim to bring all our youths closer and get to know each other's culture. It's a good event to know more friends and open up your mind. And on this last night, it's the farewell party. So me and Cyril came in just to heat up the event!
I followed Cyril's car to Cultural Village …

Miko's 20th Birthday

Dated 20th November 2012. It was Miko's 20th birthday. Yes he's 4 years younger than me. I've come to realize that age is just a number. It doesn't matter who's older or who's younger, what really matters is the heart. I've always told myself in the past that I will never ever get any bf younger than me. But just see what happens now. Hehe =) So they said, speak too soon.
Alright. I can still remember I woke up early that morning to pick him from home. We went for breakfast together at Audrey's at Padungan. A lovely place. Then he followed Ian to work while I head down to work as well.
In the evening, he came to my workplace and we head to Alfresco for a dinner celebration with his family. I've always loved his parents. They're so friendly especially the mom. 
This is chicken chop I think. Well it does look like one. Wonder what made me order chicken chop that night. Hmm....never a fan of chicken chops. More to beef and lamb.

After dinner, we al…

Jimmy & Alice's Wedding

Dated 17th November 2012. Weddings after weddings after weddings! Never ending weddings when it comes to year end. This time round, it's Jimmy and Alice's wedding dinner! 
Aha! Finally the lengzai I've known for years is settling down eh. Hehe =) And so he says "我嫁了!". Haha! So glad that at last he found a lady that suits him. 
Yam seng session! See any familiar faces? Hehe =) This is the blogger aka photographer table.

I remember Jimmy was the first to bring me out to the blogging world when I just started my own lil blog. He brought me around to events and parties and gatherings. Without him, I wouldn't be who I am today either. So yes, thank you Jimmy for being my friend for so many years =)

A never-to-be-missed group photo. Why I don't remember taking any photos of the food? Hmm.....
Anyway, congrats to both of you newly weds!
I'm really glad to have cross path with Jimmy. A friendship I will forever cherish. Time to settle down and be a daddy, ma…

Kia Sing & Niensi's Wedding

Dated 11th November 2012. A beautiful day to start a beautiful chapter into a beautiful life~ Oh I just can't stop using the word beautiful because the day's event is way too beautiful to be described with just words alone~
Woke up early for Kia Sing and Niensi's wedding at church. Went over to aunty's house and pick up a cuzzie who came all the way back from KL. 
The morning sleepyheads! Hehehe =P

At church. We were helping out with the arrangement of foods and drinks and chairs and voila! We cuzzies made these 2 heart shapes out of the drinks. Hehehe =D

The beautiful couple lighting the candle together. A light that will forever shine before them. Guiding them through every road in life.

Kia Sing's heng tais getting playful after the church session. Boys will always be boys! Haha!

Then it's back to home for tea session. Happy family welcoming new member, Niensi.

And then it's always the 38 aunties who are all so much more vain than us cuzzies cos they al…