Miko's 20th Birthday

Dated 20th November 2012. It was Miko's 20th birthday. Yes he's 4 years younger than me. I've come to realize that age is just a number. It doesn't matter who's older or who's younger, what really matters is the heart. I've always told myself in the past that I will never ever get any bf younger than me. But just see what happens now. Hehe =) So they said, speak too soon.

Alright. I can still remember I woke up early that morning to pick him from home. We went for breakfast together at Audrey's at Padungan. A lovely place. Then he followed Ian to work while I head down to work as well.

In the evening, he came to my workplace and we head to Alfresco for a dinner celebration with his family. I've always loved his parents. They're so friendly especially the mom. 

This is chicken chop I think. Well it does look like one. Wonder what made me order chicken chop that night. Hmm....never a fan of chicken chops. More to beef and lamb.

After dinner, we all head over to Secret Recipe for some cake session. No cake cuttings but just a slice for each person.

Stole someone's cup of coffee just for the sake of photo. Hehe =) Love this color combination!

Who will ever miss a Guinness session for birthday? Hehehehe =P We went separate ways after cake session. The birthday boy needs his Guinness without the parents. Haha! HOF was where we spent the time later. Always have been our place.

Happy birthday Miko!


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