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2010 Family Vacation

After months of discussion and head cracking and plans changes from one to another and worries about the venue and the financial and the tour and every other stuff that needed to make the trip a perfect one, we finally came to a conclusion!!!
Me and my family will FINALLY go out of Malaysia for vacation this year end!!!
Let me show you where we're going.....
We'll be going to Shenzhen!!! And many other parts of China like Guangzhou, Zhuhai and I don't know others. Forgot the names. Heyy!!! It's my first time flying to China!!! And I can visit the Window of The World!!! Jealous yet? Muahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

We will be going over to Macau for day trip!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!! Can visit the amazing Venetian casino. I'm over 21! Yes! My bro can't go in. Nyek…

Mount Singai Trip

Last Saturday, me and 3 other colleagues plus 3 other friends made a sudden decision to go climb some stairs at Mount Singai, Bau. It had been years since I last went. I think it was about 10 years ago back when I went with school teachers and friends. =)
A week before the actual day, we were all asking and googling for directions. I had a few in hand and we thought we should be alright. We won't get lost in Bau anyway.
We started our journey as early as 7.30am to meet up at MJC Township for breakfast. After a full breakfast, we set our journey and head up to Bau. It wasn't hard to find as there's signboards available on the main road.
And all you had to recognize was this metal statue of Christ. The sun was blazing hot!!! We started walking at 9am sharp.

I was the only girl wearing jeans. Hahaha! Shirley was saying that I looked as if I'm going Spring. Kekekeke =D
On our way up. Luckily the mount has tons of tall durian trees and so we were shaded all the way. Else we…

A Successful Surprise!

Previous week, Ms Chan suddenly called me up in the morning and asked if I will be free on 14th Oct. I thought for a minute and asked why. She said it's just a simple gathering with the rest since we haven't seen each other for long. I didn't wanna dig in more so I let her secret be a surprise to me if there's any.
So when time and venue were confirmed. We all headed to Causeway Bay 2 which is located at Brighton Square. My first time there. At first we wanted to gather at Premier 101 but the sky cheated on us. Gave us tremendous lightnings and thunders which were fake! =.=
Well, Ms Chan has her secret. So do we. Hehehe =D Fung suggested us to buy a cake and make the gather as a pre-celebration of Ms Chan's birthday. Of course I was in charge of the whole thing then.
Causeway Bay 2's menu. Nowadays cafes use this type of smooth cover menu and made it into a book. Lebih tahan lasak I suppose?

And these are the promotion sets. Comes with drinks and soup. Being a …

Huang Huang

I know it's very late to ask this but how was your Raya this year? Hehe =) I spent my first day of Raya back at kampung. I had to go down to my kampung to settle some stuff. When I was on my journey down to kampung, my mind kept thinking about the next day which will be my very first Raya celebration with the Sarawak Bloggers members. We were to go Fahriee's house for lunch. Hehe =D His rendang was absolute!!!
Ok back to topic. Why Huang Huang? Because it's a new puppy owned by my cousin back at kampung. This year CNY, they had a new puppy brought home by my uncle and they named him Ling Ling. And now this puppy is brownish so they named him Huang Huang. Huang is yellow in mandarin. Hehe =D
I took lots of shots of Huang Huang. He's such friendly dog. Friendly yet arrogant. Doesn't even bother when you call it. Hahaha! Photos were all taken by my Samsung. Didn't bring my Nikon down kampung. Hehe =)
Still a puppy. Pointed ears and piggy tail. Hehehe =D

And yes I w…