Mount Singai Trip

Last Saturday, me and 3 other colleagues plus 3 other friends made a sudden decision to go climb some stairs at Mount Singai, Bau. It had been years since I last went. I think it was about 10 years ago back when I went with school teachers and friends. =)

A week before the actual day, we were all asking and googling for directions. I had a few in hand and we thought we should be alright. We won't get lost in Bau anyway.

We started our journey as early as 7.30am to meet up at MJC Township for breakfast. After a full breakfast, we set our journey and head up to Bau. It wasn't hard to find as there's signboards available on the main road.

And all you had to recognize was this metal statue of Christ. The sun was blazing hot!!! We started walking at 9am sharp.

I was the only girl wearing jeans. Hahaha! Shirley was saying that I looked as if I'm going Spring. Kekekeke =D

On our way up. Luckily the mount has tons of tall durian trees and so we were shaded all the way. Else we'll be roasted chickens and ducks!

That's the pro-photographer at work. Hahahaha! Lance tagged along on last minute decision cos he had to capture some nature shots for his assignment.

A random group photo while resting.

Stairway to Heaven? Hehehehe =)

I got the wrong focus for the first shot. Tried again and yes I have this result! Satisfied! =D Still learning how to adjust the focus point.

Left your bag somewhere?

Workers carrying wood up the stairs. Had a sudden flash of how Christ carried His Cross.

I found a white tree! Birch tree? I don't know but this tree looks interesting to me =)

Still under construction...

I think this is the house of the Priest. Not too sure.

Bridge connecting the main entrance to the church...

Um....I don't know what place is this. Kids were helping their dad to paint the woods.

I love this photo so much!!!!! Love how the sun shone directly at it!!!

Another metal statue of Christ on top of the mount.

Finally I'm back here!!! =D

I don't remember this belian stump.

Donations please.....

Mother Mary =)

The clean and quiet House of God...

A group photo before we left. Happy that we've made it to the top! Yay!


Urs Truly said…
bout 'christ carrying cross' part .. i think its a sign CALLING U TO GO CHURCH!!!!

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