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BCCK Ramadhan Buffet 2013

Needless to say, this post is flooded by photos of foods. Hehe =) 
Once again BCCK (Borneo Convention Centre Kuching) welcome everyone back with their mouth-watering dish for this Ramadhan month. It's actually their 5th year starting since year 2009. Awesome eh! Their dishes never fail to attract all Kuchingites to dine there even though the place could be a little far from town but then again, who ever complains about distance in Kuching when there's good food right? 
Before I go on, I'm sure everyone wants to know the price to enjoy this delicious buffet. Price is a huge matter for some of us, like myself since I'm known for being stingy =P Alright, the price for adults is ONLY RM75 nett and kids is RM30! Wondering how can anything be this worthy? Yeap! You can get it at none other than BCCK Ramadhan Buffet!!!
Let's start our journey to explore the hidden kampung in BCCK~
Welcoming you with their creatively baked and carved pastries! Nope I'm not gonna start…

The 5th BCCK Ramadhan Buffet!

Hola hola hola! The month of Ramadhan is starting in just a few minutes. First of all, to all my Muslim friends, have an enjoyable month of Ramadhan. Do fast healthily =)
Second, this is to the non-Muslims, so what always comes to your mind when it's Ramadhan? The Ramadhan bazaar of course! Thinking of all those food now is already making my tummy growl. Haha! 
For the past year I have been invited to BCCK Ramadhan Buffet for food tasting session. And this year, again, a very huge THANK YOU to BCCK for once again inviting me for their food tasting this weekend. I can't wait for it!!! 
I'm making this post because I just realized that tomorrow is the last day for the early bird discount. The original price for you to feast at BCCK Ramadhan Buffet is RM75 for adult and RM30 for kids. But they actually have the promotion since 1st of July and I wasn't aware! *knocks head!* Ok ok let me just fill you with the details before I forget again.
Date: 1st to 10th July 2013 Earl…

Balik Kampung Ramadhan Feast @ The Eatery Four Points by Sheraton Kuching

Balik kampung~ Oh oh oh~ Balik kampung~~ Oh yes Ramadhan is coming soon! I'm so looking forward to all the food available at those bazaars. It's only once a year! Yum! While I can't wait for those food stalls, I wanna thank Four Points by Sheraton for inviting me to a food tasting in their restaurant, The Eatery. I think they must have known that I crave for those good food eh. Hehe =P 
I've been to The Eatery once for their buffet dinner but that was during the normal days. Let's see what have they to offer for this special Ramadhan. I'm sure there's something different since they named it Balik Kampung Ramadhan Feast. Can we find a kampung in Four Points? 
Cakes! One thing that must NEVER be missed during Ramadhan or should I say Raya season. Oh I love cakes especially kek lapis but I'm wondering where is it eh? Fear not! This is not the only cake available. But you gotta wait til the dessert session. I'll make sure you say your RM80 is worth the …

It's Been A Year Since You Left

Dated 8th December 2012. It's been a year since you left, my dear friend. We all miss you so much. Your laughter, your jokes, your playfulness and of course, your hyperness!
We made a short visit to your place in the morning. You must have known that. I'm sure you're doing very well up there. I can't believe time flies so fast =( Sigh....a part of everyone wish you didn't have to leave us. But fact had to be accepted. I guess God must have something better for you up there. 
Anyway, I bought you flowers. Hope you love them. 18 years of friendship. It didn't end there. It's still going on. It will last forever. 

The best trip I had with you guys. Oh apart from the Flipflops Beach Party which we partied overnight and was totally wasted. Hehe =) I miss how we used to gather around for breakfast at McD, lunch at After 3 and dinner at Kado. Ah those times....Can only be cherished.......

Nothing can replace those memories. Nothing....It's priceless....

I miss you…

Tweet Up Kuching 2012

Hola! What a busy week I had! Was so tied up with work and gym that I always felt extremely exhausted every night I came home. That's why my blog got a lil bit delayed again. Oh it's July already! Crap and I'm still stuck at December 8th! What the! Anyway~ Let's just continue with my back-blogging. Heee~
Dated 8th December 2012. Hmm this is supposed to be the second post for the same day but I guess I'll just write the other one later =) 3 events in a day. Morning, noon and night. Fuh! Ok let's get to the main event first. 

Didn't you hear the largest social gathering in Kuching for the year 2012??? No? Oh come on! I'm sure you did! As long as you're a social network user, you're invited! It's an event open to the public. Just come along and have fun! It's fun because we're fun! Hehehe =P

Setting up the stage for the performances. I was on duty that day.*ahem* Hehe

Presenting to you..........Dato Patrick Lie…