BCCK Ramadhan Buffet 2013

Needless to say, this post is flooded by photos of foods. Hehe =) 

Once again BCCK (Borneo Convention Centre Kuching) welcome everyone back with their mouth-watering dish for this Ramadhan month. It's actually their 5th year starting since year 2009. Awesome eh! Their dishes never fail to attract all Kuchingites to dine there even though the place could be a little far from town but then again, who ever complains about distance in Kuching when there's good food right? 

Before I go on, I'm sure everyone wants to know the price to enjoy this delicious buffet. Price is a huge matter for some of us, like myself since I'm known for being stingy =P Alright, the price for adults is ONLY RM75 nett and kids is RM30! Wondering how can anything be this worthy? Yeap! You can get it at none other than BCCK Ramadhan Buffet!!!

Let's start our journey to explore the hidden kampung in BCCK~

Welcoming you with their creatively baked and carved pastries! Nope I'm not gonna start with eating pastries. Saving my tummy space for better food!

Everyone knows I'm a gym-freak now and I'm starting to eat healthily (Like finally!) so I will go for salad as appetizers. I love tomatoes and can anyone be more hype than me when I spot these cherry tomatoes!!!

Of course they do have all these ulam-ulaman. What's a kampung dish without all these ulams right? Wait is there such word as ulams? Oh nevermind I always create my own word anyway. Hah! What I spotted among these ulams is this...................................

Sambal Tempoyak! Believe it or not but I've never taken not even the slightest lick of tempoyak. I'm such a failed Kuchingite I know. Cyril was standing next to me when I took this photo and he said to me "What?! You've never eaten tempoyak before? You MUST try this one!". And then I paused for a while, if a kampung-food foodie like him says this tempoyak is good, maybe I should give it a try and I took just half teaspoon. My say? Oh gawd! THIS IS GOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!

In case there's any noobie out there who doesn't know what's a tempoyak. Let me be your Wikipedia. Tempoyak is actually made out of mashed durian. Add in some salt and leave it in room temperature for 3 - 5 days. Tempoyak is an Indonesian dish but now widely savour by Malaysian especially in Pahang and Perak.

Moving on, we have ham and also marinated salmon gravalax. Sorry my salmon photo was kinda out of focus so I decided to not put it up. But the salmon's a two thumbs up! It's the fastest to finish among all the cold dishes. I know someone went back several times to get full plates of those salmon. Hehehe You know who you are =P

Lastly, they also have sushi! But nope, I ain't taking these carbs. Oops! Sorry ba. I'm also on puasa. But on carbs puasa. Haha!

Heh~ I'm loving the way I capture photos for this time's food session. Why didn't I think about this angle before? Alright. This is the spicy Daging Dendeng from Indonesia. It's beef which were fried before cooked with lots and lots of chillies.

This is the grilled lamb served with rosemary sauce. Nope this is not their famous roast lamb but this one's not to be missed as well. It may be slightly overcooked but I love how they paired it with rosemary sauce. Awesome taste!

This is something interesting. It's called the Aloo Gobhi which I myself doesn't know what it means. So again, I seek for help from Mr Wikipedia. Aloo Gobhi is a dry Indian, Nepali and Pakistani cuisine dish made with potatoes, cauliflower and Indian spices. Do give this one a try. I prefer this potato than the other one. Hehe =) It's surprisingly nice! There's a reason why people always say Indian food is good right?

This is pan seared chicken with black pepper sauce. Ok so in order to fit in my diet. No wait. I should say nutrition plan. Haha! I took a piece of chicken breast and ohhhhhhhhhh~~ It's nothing like what you normally have outside!

And this, looks like pie right? Haha! But nope! It's the Mussel Au Gratin curry style! Oh yes! I'm not a fan of mussels but this one changed my mind! I love it with the curry. It's nothing spicy at all! Love this dish! If I have more thumbs, I'll give them all up!

This is the bubur pedas. Nope. Everyone knows when I see the word porridge or bubur, I'll walk away. Haha! I don't know what's the taste for this dish but why don't you try it and share with me =)

Grilled marinated chicken with percik style! This one's a dish from the Kelantan. Why specifically Kelantan? You'll know why when I introduce the chef later. Hehe =P

Beef masala!!! This beef is ohsem OHsem ohSEM!!! I'm a beef lover. Not a cow lover but a beef lover. I love my beef and I will never let go any dish that consists of beef! This one gave me a different view from the normal beef rendang. Try this! Trust me! Must try!!!

Cucur Udang. Just look at how golden the colors are. Must be very delicious. Nope I can't take anything fried =( So sad right? Haha!

Satay Malaysia! Nope I didn't take this one cos I think it's rather normal. I get to eat satay all the time. But Faiz (Ok so he followed me there just for the sake of the food) said that this one's good too. He's a man who knows his food. I say, trust him!

Tadah! This is the main attraction. But I'm so sad I was so busy taking photos at the other side and when I came to the roast lamb, this is what's left. My photo is sad! And mind you, this photo was taken before 7.30pm! Just look at how fast people grab this lamb! Luckily the chef still managed to scrap some meat out of the lamb for me. Else I'll cry to Mike! Haha! No lah. Over-dramatic. The chef went to change the whole lamb after that. Hehe =P

Oh and this time, they're got the new black pepper sauce! Oh yes!

Ok enough of those main course. C'mon take your eyes off the lamb already and you're invited to my favourite section.


There's varieties of Malay kuih. Looks yummy eh. Hehe =)

Ah! My craving was satisfied last night! I don't know why I've been craving for kek lapis ever since Ramadhan started. Haha! Love this! And I love it even more when I tried it cos it's not extreme sweet. Score!

There's also lots of cakes available. There's fruit cake, chocolate cake, mousse cake and so on. Oh my nutrition plan is so going down! =P

Jelly! I love this one and especially this one! Can't have enough of this jelly. Hehe =D

I just had to post this photo because I love it so much! Haha! Ok these marshmallows are for the chocolate fountain. Surprise that I actually skipped chocolates eh. That's because I was way too attracted to those jelly! Yes! Go for the jelly!!!

In midst of our dinner (Mike! Why lah when we're halfway enjoying the roast lamb you had to drag us out), we were invited to an interview session with the chef. Chef Saiful is his name. Came all the way from Kelantan. That's why you have some dish cooked the Kelantan style. Hehe =P Oh and what caught my attention when I read about his introduction is he's a fan of Manchester United! We've got footie buddy here!

Chef Saiful called himself an airline person as previously he works with airlines as their Catering Officer. He started his career with Malaysian Airlines and because he did so well, he was invited to join Qatar Airways which he claimed as the best airline ever.

Guys! Enough of sitting in front of computer! Get up and give BCCK a call at 082-392 889 for reservation now! Do be reminded to go early before the roast lamb runs away~


Coffee Girl said…
Nice review. lotsa pictures! any lover of tempoyak (even tho newly initiated) is a fren of mine. Lol

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