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A night @ Sharing Planet

Last night we went to dine at Sharing Planet. It's our first time there. I know I know. We're the dinos ok. Haha! So here goes...
The place was kinda dark and quiet. A small sign board greeted us. If it wasn't for baby's good eye sight, I don't think I can even read this thing!
A very small woody entrance. Gotta walk pass somewhat garden look-a-like path. doesn't have a good mode to take this pic. Maybe I need to find out more about my own cam. Keke =P
A menu with simple introduction. They gives discounts if you pay before 7.30pm!!! But nah~ I brought along the Privilege Book coupon. Comes in very very handy =D
The place is quite small to me. Not much seats.
All of them are wooden. Gives a jungle tree house feel. Heee~
But one thing not good is that, it's a good place for mosquitoes to breed. Haiz....and I got bitten at my legs and arms.
They have a huge screen put up for the projector to screen I-don't-know-what.
Ahh...and I love taking pictures of…

Shopping Spree

Yesterday I wasn't at my best mood. Lots of thinking and stressing and depressing. So after work, well, baby turned up at my office to surprise me. Happy about that =)

Anyway, skip that part. When I was on my way home, my head was questioning and answering myself. So I turned to Everrise area opposite my house for some shopping time alone.

End up bought 2 stuff from the same store.
I've been wanting to have a curling tong since ages ago. Until Kelly told me she got one too. And she said it's super cheap. And yes I mean super cheap. At first I kinda suspect how long can that thing last. I mean, you know lah nowadays things don't last that long. But heck! It's just...hehe =P yesh it's cheap. So I went to hunt for it!!!
I haven't use it though. Got no time. So it still stays inside that box. I'll see when I'm super free then I'll try to curl my hair. Wonder how do I look like with curly hair o.O???
And I bought this pouch too. can be used in 2…

My current mood


Cruise's pic

This morn when I was transfering pics from my hp to pc. I found some random pics taken months ago.

These were all taken during our trip to Star Cruise Virgo. The fun times. Hehe =D I do miss having funs with them. They're all so crazy and funny. Haha!

Selamat Hari Raya


My dream house

Have I ever talk about my dream house? How I want it to be like? The designs and decors and furnitures and rooms and everything else?

Cos if I do, I surely don't remember. And all these while, I've been keeping the dreams all to myself. I'd googled lots and lots of pictures. I even downloaded My Virtual Home to try and build a house of my own. But I failed though. Project hanged halfway. Hehe =)

So anyway, tonight I'm gonna show you how my dream house is gonna be like. These will be my designs of my future home.

Let's start off with the main section. The living room of course~
White and simple is the concept. Baby told me he wants the whole house to be white. So I absorbed into his concept. I do love white cos it looks clean and neat. But sorry darling. No white sofas cos it's gonna get dirty easily. Maybe we can try some dark brown comfy types? Hehe =) I love the so-called tv table in the pic above. I want mine to be something like that. Except for the connecti…


It's 10.50pm on a Saturday night and I'm back home. Sad huh?

How did I spend my Saturday night? Just now had McD for dinner =) That's one happy thing. Then we bought dvd to watch together. This time we both agreed to watch some Disney cartoons instead of always him watching those action movies and I'll be sleeping it through.
Watch this movie yet? It's superb I tell you. Should buy! Should watch! Um wait! It's a MUST WATCH!!!!
It's a story of this old man who dreams big together with his wifey. But then something happened and things started to change.
But one thing never change. It was his dream.
I'll let you figure out who this kid is. Haha! He's damn cute!!!!
This was where the adventure begins....
And along the adventure they found this two friendly animals. Haha! You'll know them.

So anyway, it's a thumbs up from me. What's your say? =)