It's 10.50pm on a Saturday night and I'm back home. Sad huh?

How did I spend my Saturday night? Just now had McD for dinner =) That's one happy thing. Then we bought dvd to watch together. This time we both agreed to watch some Disney cartoons instead of always him watching those action movies and I'll be sleeping it through.
Watch this movie yet? It's superb I tell you. Should buy! Should watch! Um wait! It's a MUST WATCH!!!!
It's a story of this old man who dreams big together with his wifey. But then something happened and things started to change.
But one thing never change. It was his dream.
I'll let you figure out who this kid is. Haha! He's damn cute!!!!
This was where the adventure begins....
And along the adventure they found this two friendly animals. Haha! You'll know them.

So anyway, it's a thumbs up from me. What's your say? =)


yonglim said…
kiasu meh so fast ju update liao.. hehehe...

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