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Bako Seafood Restaurant

So! I went back to work as part-time promoter last weekend at Sunday market. I think I was there to play than to actually work =P Was just helping a friend out cos he's doing roadshow. Managed to earn myself a little extra pocket money and then spent it just the next day. Haha! Money come and go way too easily for me. 
Nevertheless, it was the fun that I was aiming for. Not the money. Cos most of the time, I think it was Kent himself who distributed those vouchers and I just stand there be the side-decor. My weekend wasn't just about spending half the day at Sunday market, I went to Bako for lunch and then off to Telaga Air too! Let the photo tell the story shall we?
Kent brought me to Bako for lunch after we finished off work at Sunday market. His aunty own a small seafood restaurant there. It's just by the river. Peaceful view. Me Love!

Sitting there, enjoying your seafood with the natural sea wind plus the calm waters. Man nothing beats that environment!

I have no idea…

World Walking Day 2011

20th November 2011 was being noted in history as it's the World Walking Day 2011! I missed last year's walk. So this year when I got the news, I immediately went to Sarawak Plaza to register myself. Early bird gets the worm. I got free tshirt! 
That morning I had to reach there by 5.30am. So I woke up super early for breakfast. But end up there's no instant noodle at home =.= So I had to head down for breakfast in town. Oh where else but McD~ Nope I wasn't alone. YL was in this walk with me and he's nice to drive out earlier to accompany me for breakfast. Man the weather was stiffing cold that morning!
Met up with Evelyn, Karol and Sharon~ Also saw my cousin Chee but then she left after she collected her tshirt =.='''

We waited for so long because some actually went to register on the day itself. And it's only until that morning then they set up those tents =.=''' So last minute!

People mountain people sea! There were hundreds attended! …

Mike & Norman Birthday

Last Friday night we celebrated Mike's and Norman's post birthday over at Fahri's place. I wasn't aware that it's actually for the two of them until that night! Only told the time and venue and off I went empty handed =X Don't blame me! I wasn't inform earlier! Haha!
As usual, I tend to go parties a lil too early than others just cos I'm kiasu. Haha! Ok not for that but I was hungreh!!!! Luckily boss brought this sambal belacan thing. Er....I don't really know what you call it but heck it's awesome stuff! Sour plus spicy! Yum!

Boss and the assistant, Rodz. Laughing over? I have no idea.

And there's goes our version of Namewee. Hahaha! Why does this photo look like Rodz the manager telling Namewee his schedule and he's busy tweeting away? =P~

While waiting for our food to be barbecued by Irene and Fahri, the boys took over the game station and war away! Irene is so nice to help out with the barbecue and the rest of us just have to eat. H…

Clarice 2nd Birthday

28th October was one of my stepdaughter's birthday. Clarice is now 2 years old! =) 
A little girl who is able to cheer me up all the time no matter her mood. I love her much! And there's just a link between me and her. How did I know? Well it was tested with everyone. What did we do? We all took turn to try get her into our arms. Needless to say, she never rejects me. Hehehe =P It's always magical how this connection works no? 
The aftermath of Ah Hui and Sui Yin's love. Haha! This little girl has got both their beauties though she does look much more like daddy now but she's got her mommy's attitude. Quiet and playful when it comes to playtime. Haha!

We brought her to McD to celebrate because there's playground there for her to play. Oh you know it's always the adults' the one who eats the most. We were also partly celebrating Jason's super pre-birthday.

Candid shot!

Our little princess here seems to love French fries alot! She couldn't st…

Damai De-stress

The beach is my favourite hangout place. A place to keep things calm and peaceful in mind. A place to relax. A place to squeeze my brain juice =) A place to find your true self, your soul....
I'm a beach person. Always have been. A die hard fan! Date me to any beach and I'll say yes. I never reject any beach date. Unless............I'm on vacation to Paris? Hee~ It's the warm sandy beach. It's the cool breeze. It's the me-love-water part that got me loving beach so much. I play alright. I'm a playful bitch. Beach volley? ON! Beach bicycle ride? ON! Or just merely building sand castle? ON!!!That's who I am. 
A photo taken by my stepdaughter, Jovell. She's only 6 years old and already has got the love for photography! Surely she did get this talent from her dad. Maybe I should train her more on this field. Hehe =)

So 2 weeks ago, I surrendered myself to the warm sun. I went up Damai to get my homework done. Yes my initial plan was to go up alone but …