Clarice 2nd Birthday

28th October was one of my stepdaughter's birthday. Clarice is now 2 years old! =) 

A little girl who is able to cheer me up all the time no matter her mood. I love her much! And there's just a link between me and her. How did I know? Well it was tested with everyone. What did we do? We all took turn to try get her into our arms. Needless to say, she never rejects me. Hehehe =P It's always magical how this connection works no? 

The aftermath of Ah Hui and Sui Yin's love. Haha! This little girl has got both their beauties though she does look much more like daddy now but she's got her mommy's attitude. Quiet and playful when it comes to playtime. Haha!

We brought her to McD to celebrate because there's playground there for her to play. Oh you know it's always the adults' the one who eats the most. We were also partly celebrating Jason's super pre-birthday.

Candid shot!

Our little princess here seems to love French fries alot! She couldn't stop taking the fries in the tray in front of her. Hahaha! I know too much fries is not good but hey it's her birthday and everyone deserves a little treat during their birthday night right? =) She's growing up fit!

Group photo taken by Evelyn. I was occupied with taking care of Clarice so Evelyn had to be the photographer of the night. Hehehe =)



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