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Brown Puppies

Time really flies a lot faster this month than previous months!!! It's already 27th of September! Gosh can I turn back time??? I don't want 2010 to end so fast =( It's quite a good year actually. Apart from the accident and near accidents. The whole year was good. I met lotsa new friends and learnt lots of new stuff. More to come!!! September ends with only 4 posts from me. I'm posting this random post tonight.
Found these 2 brown cute little puppies behind my house the other day. It was raining and I didn't care. Took my DSLR, took my umbrella and I went to snap their pictures before they ran off. Hehe =)
Sniffling something eh~

That was when I tried to lure them near to me but I failed =.= Puppies ba. Still scared of me who is such a huge human being =D
Hmm....I think it's attracted to the roosters and hens in that house.
The other brother. Cute kan? Hehehe =D
I've been so busy this month over studies and practice for performance. There…

Malaysia Day

Last Thursday was Malaysia Day. The first year celebrating this special day after so many years. Anyway, we EarthDancewent for a performance at Kenyalang in the morning. It was really super duper early! We had to reach there before 7.30am. Everyone dragged our body out of bed at 6am. Huuuuu~~
And I suppose everyone was on thick make-ups in order to cover that sleepy eyes. Hahaha! That was my first time performing. Nervous of course!!! I was so scared that I might went all blank and blur when I was there in front of the YBs. But phew~ Thank God I managed to push my body to flow with the musics =)
Pictures were all taken with my Nikon by my dear bf who also woke up early also he wasn't performing. Haha~~
First group photo. Not everyone is in. Tshirt design is awesome isn't it? Thanks to Icelyn! Love it!!!

There were tones of people there too! As I heard most of them were from Kuching Town School and the kids were from St Faith kindy. Cuteee!!!!
Lion dance is of course a never-to-b…

Annie's Wedding Lunch

A very short wedding post with no photo of bride and groom. Only car and food!!! Hehehe =)
Bride Annie is a friend of my bf's. Met during college. Everyone is getting married. Fuuhh~~ And this month the newspaper is full everyday because it's a good month for marriage for us Chinese. Hehe =)
For the love of BMW~~~ The car belongs to another friend, Sharon. *hint hint!*

Side view. Hmm.....

Another angle. Hmmm....yummy isn't it? Hahaha!!!
The cute little Mickey and Minnie which got wet cos of sudden rain pours in the noon.
The back decor. Oh, their wedding package was done by Jacky Studio. Not bad not bad. I love her wedding gowns~~

Can't get enough of BMW~~~ =DD droooooooooooooooooolssssssssss...............
Ok ok. Let's just show you the food. Photos of food were all taken by bf cos I was super exhausted after the long morning so I just sat there and wait for the food to come to me =D
Roasted chicken. I prefer roasted ones t…

Nangga Laksa Makan Poh Piah

A small tiny weeny laksa session was being called up by Cyril last Thursday. A so-called Malaysia Day gathering. We're all very patriotic aren't we? =D
The venue as usual was at Golden Arch 3rd Mile. The time was set at 10.30am. At first I thought I couldn't make it due to my own schedule and Jun Fook pestered me much on Twitter. Hahaha!!! Well, that morning, my 'event' seem to ended pretty much earlier and so I went over and gave them a surprise =D
The usual gang: Kee Man, Looi, Cyril, Amiey, Fahriee and of course Jun Fook who came back from KL for holiday and is going back today.
Asking me why my title is Nangga Laksa Makan Poh Piah? I have a short story. =P~
Well, it's obviously because I was only looking at the laksa that morning. I have a very sensitive stomach towards santan (coconut milk) and so I cannot take anything that has santan (coconut milk) when my stomach is empty =( Sad hor?

And then due to kesian-ness, I ordered a roll of poh piah and nom it a…

Street Photography by Sarawak Bloggers

Dated 28th August 2010. Sarawak Bloggers organized a street photography. One of our famous street photographer, Robin is back at Kuching to give us some guidelines on what and how to shoot nice and natural street photos. Honestly, it ain't easy. Cos you have to know that not everyone wants their face to be simply photographed by you. Some will be friendly and smile while some might be shooing you away =D
So let's get started. I picked out these few shots which I like. Make your judgment later =D
Meeting point, right in front of Old Court House at 8.15am. I was on time! =D
I did edited a few of these photos. The one above is one of those I edited. I love the color after editing. Hehe =D Looks more sunny~ Well the sky that morning was kinda gloomy.

This Jalur Gemilang was taken by Cyril. Not bad boss! Least I can color them =P~

After everyone came, we start off to wander aroundIndia Street. Everyone was busy buying cloth to make Raya clothes.