Street Photography by Sarawak Bloggers

Dated 28th August 2010. Sarawak Bloggers organized a street photography. One of our famous street photographer, Robin is back at Kuching to give us some guidelines on what and how to shoot nice and natural street photos. Honestly, it ain't easy. Cos you have to know that not everyone wants their face to be simply photographed by you. Some will be friendly and smile while some might be shooing you away =D

So let's get started. I picked out these few shots which I like. Make your judgment later =D

Meeting point, right in front of Old Court House at 8.15am. I was on time! =D

I did edited a few of these photos. The one above is one of those I edited. I love the color after editing. Hehe =D Looks more sunny~ Well the sky that morning was kinda gloomy.

This Jalur Gemilang was taken by Cyril. Not bad boss! Least I can color them =P~

After everyone came, we start off to wander around India Street. Everyone was busy buying cloth to make Raya clothes.


Electronic baby motion bed. But with plastic bags???

Fwwwaaaaahhhhh~~~ My eyes SPARKLED when I saw all these biscuits and cookies!!! Reminded me of the old days when mum used to bring me to the shops opposite Miramar and bought them. Awwww....

Now that's a friendly kid =) Thanks for the smile boy!

Morning call with a ciggy. Chilling eh? =)

Berwarna-warni!!!!! KARERFOOOOOOOLLL!!!!

Setting up stall early in the morning, preparing for business.

Raya cards can be seen all over =) People do ask me, who still send those cards? I tell you, I do! I mean, my office does. Hahaha!!!

Taking a break and look around the scenery...

Green, brown, orange, blue, red and white!!! Ohmigosh!!! Not only clothes are colorful but drinks too?

Taking a break from cleaning up eh? =)

Multi-colored bulbs anyone?

Morning news~~ Erm....ok I just noticed that Cyril and Rodz are in this photo =D

Hey grandma!!! Reminiscing your old days with the antique sewing machine? =)

I still have this at home!!! Anyone else does??? =D

The old Electra House and our very dear Open Air Market. Sio bee and soya bean please~

At the junction...

Hmm....I just knew that this is actually called jendela when Eve mentioned =D

Anyone wanna buy and take away and party for tonight? =D

Charles Brooke's Dockyard. Was it Charles Brooke's? Forgot. It's still Brooke's anyway.

Old mosque...

Best side parking award given!!!

Busy busy busy traffic before Raya comes~ Rush rush rush for last minute shopping!!!

Uncle! Iboh tikam timun tok ok? Thank you. Haha! When we were capturing the photo of this uncle, the lady at the side told uncle that his photo is being captured but he ignored us. And then Eve was saying 'Luckily you don't see the cucumber coming nearer to your lens'. Hahahaha!

New place to dry clothes? Right under the sun. Good!

Umm...ok you can ignore the photo above cos we were just randomly playing around =D Oh and that's Norman in case you wanna know. Hahahaha!!!

Lorong Market...Never know there's such lorong.

I heard that Cathay used to be a cinema. And there's actually lots more other cinema in Kuching during my mum's youth! Mummy even sneaked out to watch movies with friends. Eng eng!!! =D Tapi when go home ahhh...kena marah lah tu~~

Guess where is this =D

Hakka Community Association. Err....looks more like a superstore.

Know your route? =)

Puurrrr.....lazying on a cool Sunday morning....

Reading morning news while waiting for business to come...

Me love green grassssssssssssssssssssss.................

Assigning new member for MU(SB). Income RM2million. Thank you very much. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

This friendly uncle was telling us stories about Bishopgate. He told us that there's a peppermint tree in Bishopgate!!! And it's from Australia!!! Anyone knows? =D Bangga aku~

This is the tree. And and, he said if you bring it home and put in water, mosquitoes won't come. And and and, we did brought it home!!! I mean Cyril and Fahriee. Not me. Hahahaha!

A cute doggy guarding Bishopgate. There's a story behind this gate =)

Let's walk like tourist!

Crouching tiger hidden dragon. Really hidden. Hmm....

Inside of the temple opposite Star Cineplex.

I have a thing for dragons pictures on pillars and everywhere in a temple. Probably cos I'm a dragon?

Lovely aren't they? Such delicate work.

Turtle!!!! Yo wassup dude~~~

Kekeke....mok naik beca sik? 50 sen aje~~

A unique looking cupboard. Ok I don't know is this a cupboard or a cabinet or how do you even call this thing. All I know is it looks like a cello.

I found this hotel somewhere opposite Waterfront. Looks classy. Would love to go in and snap some photos. Next time probably? =D

Overlooking to Old Court House....

Kuching is known not only for our GREAT LOCAL FOOD but also a very CLEAN AND PEACEFUL CITY!!!! Agree or not it's up to you.

To those of you who missed out this outing, you seriously missed out A LOT!!! COS IT WAS AWESOME MAX!!!!! Experienced a huge different way of life and walking around like a tourist and seeing Kuching like how a tourist sees, how can you ever beat that?

Loving Sarawak Bloggers more!!!! *Dear bf, please don't jealous ok* =D


Eve! said…
Jendela~ hahah! In BW,looks classy eh.
Norris said… photos...yeah i missed the outing...nvm..nest outing i'm in..janji jangan sunday..
like your outfit..(last photo) mcm pro duh..ehehehe..
aNgeL-cuPid said…
Eve: yeahh...somehow streets photos be in BW looks nicer =D

Norris: thank you~

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