Nangga Laksa Makan Poh Piah

A small tiny weeny laksa session was being called up by Cyril last Thursday. A so-called Malaysia Day gathering. We're all very patriotic aren't we? =D

The venue as usual was at Golden Arch 3rd Mile. The time was set at 10.30am. At first I thought I couldn't make it due to my own schedule and Jun Fook pestered me much on Twitter. Hahaha!!! Well, that morning, my 'event' seem to ended pretty much earlier and so I went over and gave them a surprise =D

The usual gang: Kee Man, Looi, Cyril, Amiey, Fahriee and of course Jun Fook who came back from KL for holiday and is going back today.

Asking me why my title is Nangga Laksa Makan Poh Piah? I have a short story. =P~

Well, it's obviously because I was only looking at the laksa that morning. I have a very sensitive stomach towards santan (coconut milk) and so I cannot take anything that has santan (coconut milk) when my stomach is empty =( Sad hor?

And then due to kesian-ness, I ordered a roll of poh piah and nom it all myself =D Not bad. I like the sauce =D

There, a photo of me in sweat with Jun Fook the happy and super duper hyper active blogger. Seriously he can blog like everyday!!! Salute! My blog can die for one whole week and then only get back alive on weekends. Haha!

Ok chaoz~

p/s: 2 posts pending due to overload photos =.=


jfook said…
Thanks for featuring me. XD And you're the first blogger friend who spell my name as JUN FOOK. Awesome! I like it. LOL
aNgeL-cuPid said…
hahahaha!!! it's your name wad~~ =D
Norris said…
wei..i was there too last saturday...(18.9.10)...with my daughter n laksa! so nice! super sedap@

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