World Walking Day 2011

20th November 2011 was being noted in history as it's the World Walking Day 2011! I missed last year's walk. So this year when I got the news, I immediately went to Sarawak Plaza to register myself. Early bird gets the worm. I got free tshirt! 

That morning I had to reach there by 5.30am. So I woke up super early for breakfast. But end up there's no instant noodle at home =.= So I had to head down for breakfast in town. Oh where else but McD~ Nope I wasn't alone. YL was in this walk with me and he's nice to drive out earlier to accompany me for breakfast. Man the weather was stiffing cold that morning!

Met up with Evelyn, Karol and Sharon~ Also saw my cousin Chee but then she left after she collected her tshirt =.='''

We waited for so long because some actually went to register on the day itself. And it's only until that morning then they set up those tents =.=''' So last minute!

People mountain people sea! There were hundreds attended! Awesome gather Kuching peeps! It's a time way too early for any Kuchingite to wake up on a Sunday morning but heck we're all so in for this walk!

The stage.

Finally at 7-ish they started the aerobic session. Man it's tiring! It's fun but then the morning aerobic is way too long! I lost count of the time.

Oh hello Mr Koko Krunch! Me love Koko Krunch much!!! Of all the cereal, Koko Krunch is my favourite! Why? Because I'm a HUGE FAN OF CHOCOLATE!!!!

After the aerobic session and speech session, we started our walk around the city! From old court house, we walked towards post office.

Then down we went to Star Cineplex. The weather was beginning to get hotter.

Then we walked back towards Hilton.

And turned in from Khatulistiwa Cafe. People start taking photos with the step-counts board. Hehe

Back at starting point! No I didn't count how long we walked but I think it's about 30-45 minutes only. Oh yes! We have FREE Koko Krunch and Cornflakes! ME LOVE!!!!! Nestle was one of the many sponsors. They sponsored Milo drinks too~

And FREE MAGGI TOO!!!! Maggi sponsored curry flavoured instant noodle. Yum!!!

Clown to please the kids with balloons~

Lastly, local singers were there to entertain those who stayed back for more fun. I left not long after that. Need to get home and rest more.

Nevertheless, it was a great experience walking with hundreds of Kuchingites around our beautiful Kuching! I shall do it again next year (provided I'm at Kuching). 


p/s: Photos all taken using Evelyn's Sony digicam which I have yet to give it back to her =P


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