Shopping Spree

Yesterday I wasn't at my best mood. Lots of thinking and stressing and depressing. So after work, well, baby turned up at my office to surprise me. Happy about that =)

Anyway, skip that part. When I was on my way home, my head was questioning and answering myself. So I turned to Everrise area opposite my house for some shopping time alone.

End up bought 2 stuff from the same store.
I've been wanting to have a curling tong since ages ago. Until Kelly told me she got one too. And she said it's super cheap. And yes I mean super cheap. At first I kinda suspect how long can that thing last. I mean, you know lah nowadays things don't last that long. But heck! It's just...hehe =P yesh it's cheap. So I went to hunt for it!!!
I haven't use it though. Got no time. So it still stays inside that box. I'll see when I'm super free then I'll try to curl my hair. Wonder how do I look like with curly hair o.O???
And I bought this pouch too. can be used in 2 ways. Comes with a huge ring to slip onto your wrist and a long strap to use as a sling pouch.
The long strap is detachable but not the huge ring lor.
Nice or not? Also very cheap. Haha! I just love discount stores~!
There's 2 compartments and 1 small zip compartment inside. Used it last night dy. Very very handy. Can fit in my 2 handphones and my camera. Slid in my IC and some cash and lipbalm. That's it. I'm off to go~! Haha!

Wana know how much I spent? Kekekee =DD ONLY RM21!!!!!


ahlost said…
Ooo.. i want to see you with curly hair !! ;)
aNgeL-cuPid said…
BLeh~~~ my hair went back to straight before i manage to capture a pic. haha! will curl it again =D

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