My dream house

Have I ever talk about my dream house? How I want it to be like? The designs and decors and furnitures and rooms and everything else?

Cos if I do, I surely don't remember. And all these while, I've been keeping the dreams all to myself. I'd googled lots and lots of pictures. I even downloaded My Virtual Home to try and build a house of my own. But I failed though. Project hanged halfway. Hehe =)

So anyway, tonight I'm gonna show you how my dream house is gonna be like. These will be my designs of my future home.

Let's start off with the main section. The living room of course~
White and simple is the concept. Baby told me he wants the whole house to be white. So I absorbed into his concept. I do love white cos it looks clean and neat. But sorry darling. No white sofas cos it's gonna get dirty easily. Maybe we can try some dark brown comfy types? Hehe =) I love the so-called tv table in the pic above. I want mine to be something like that. Except for the connecting part to the ceiling. I prefer it to end at the wall with a small curve downwards and then I'll put some metal legs to hold the weight. Hmm...

Next is a not miss!
A shoe rack. Nah! Not this small type. I want it tall to the ceiling. Wall shoe rack. White color of course. So that I can...hmm....start shopping for more shoes tomorrow? Hahaha!!!!

Let's move to the other room...
The dining room shall be simple too. Cos you know, I mean, you all SHOULD know me well that I HATE house chores. Hahaha!!! I found this one attractive. Hehe =) Whether this is gonna be a dining room or the tables are gonna be in the kitchen, it doesn't matter. As long as things fit.
This isn't exactly the type of kitchen that I want but I love the color! Just look at the combination of the walls color and the cabinets color. Doesn't it look fresh? All I ever wanted is a bright kitchen. I hate dark kitchens where the mice and lizards and cockroaches lives. YUCK! And that wood flooring shall be the exact ones for my upper floor.

A small bar would be nice. I didn't google for that cos it came to my mind right now. Haha! But nope I'm not gonna put it in the kitchen. I'm gonna have one right at the living room. Together with a glass cabinet to store my liquors and wines~~ LoVeSssssss~~~~~

*Slaps myself!* Stop dreaming and let's move on. Haha!
White bathroom? Maybe. But I'm giving it a BiG MayBe cos it's quite hard to maintain those tiles white. You can't paint tiles. Haha! You'll have to scrub them. So maybe I'll add some other light colors. Say....light pink isn't bad. Or lavender. Or sky blue. Or apple green. Hmm...we'll see.
Oh oh!!! Yes!!! I need this!!! See that? I said I NEED a bathtub!!! It's a MUST in my house. Haha! It's gonna be either in the bathroom OR in my room with the Jap like divider!!! Oooo~~~ I especially love this type with legs. Haha!!!

Next will be a study room. More like a study and play and rest room.
My actual plan was to get it in all glass. But then I think again. All glass meaning having fingerprints ALL OVER! OMG!!!! That's gonna look so horrible!!! So I decided. Maybe just half glass. Hahaha!!!
I'm gonna build book shelves. High and tall book shelves~ Put a carpet over. More comfy pillows. And I can snuggle up with a nice novel and a cuppa coffee~ Hmm mmm....
A shelf like this isn't too bad either eh? Hehe =P But it's not gonna be in my room. Cos room is for me to sleep and rest with my hubby~

Speaking of rooms....Let's have a look a my bedroom...
Sick of seeing white yet? Hahahaha!!!! I love low beds. Hehe =P I want something like this but not quite similar. I have this picture of a bed in one of Britney's mtv. It's the song From The Bottom Of My Broken Heart. Maybe you can look back and see the white bed in there. I love that one so much! The moment I saw it, I fell in love with it! Hahaha!!!
A canopy bed isn't too bad but I can't imagine those cicakz taik atas sana! Yuck!
Dreaming yet girls? Hahahaha!!! Every ladies NEED a walk-in wardrobe in her room. We can never have enough clothes. Shopping is heaven~!
Tell me which one do you prefer? Hahaha!!! I'm fantasizing already!
How about this? A not missed in the bedroom too. The more reason for more shoes~~~~ Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!

Enough of the master room. Let's see kids room. I love kids so much that I've already decided what type of room should they have. The colors for their room. The beds that I'm gonna buy. The decors for boys and girls. OMG! I'm going insane!!!

For the girls~~~
Every girl deserves to be a princess herself =) How I wish I have those....
Princessy like? hehe =) Just look at the wallpapers! They're so amazing!!! So girly that I can faint when I see it. Gosh~~~ Whoever owns this room must be damn lucky!

And for the boys...
I have this idea of getting double decker bed for the boys. First, it saves lotsa space. Second, boys are more active. Haha!
And I found this one. OMG!!!! It's so creative!!! See those stairs going up to the bed on top? They're actually drawers for you to store things!!! This one is amazingly AMAZING!

Oh and before they turn into big kids to have their own room. I'll give them my study room for play room. So yeah. I'm actually having a play room FIRST before I turn it into a study room next time when my kids goes to school. Hehe =)
Every children have dreams. And when you're not around them, it's when their brains start to wander off. They create magics. They design new things. They learn on their own. They're amazing lovely wonderful kids~!
And I'm gonna design the walls like how it should be for them....
Lots and lOtS and LOTS of colors and cute designs and decors~~~
I told you about Jinny Joes before didn't I? Isn't it nice to dream? I just wish I can draw this onto my bedroom wall right now.
And maybe drawing this onto the door. Ahh....It's gonna be so wonderful for the children. They need pretty things~
Dreams and hopes and magics....
They all come together...
Hand in hand...
Side by side...
I'll work this dream of mine...
To be true...
One day....
I promise....

Perpetua Angeline


Nice Dream House, Similar to mine.

Just that I don't have much planning for the children's room yet :P

Anyway, Hope you will get your dream house soon. :)

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