Tweet Up Kuching 2012

Hola! What a busy week I had! Was so tied up with work and gym that I always felt extremely exhausted every night I came home. That's why my blog got a lil bit delayed again. Oh it's July already! Crap and I'm still stuck at December 8th! What the! Anyway~ Let's just continue with my back-blogging. Heee~

Dated 8th December 2012. Hmm this is supposed to be the second post for the same day but I guess I'll just write the other one later =) 3 events in a day. Morning, noon and night. Fuh! Ok let's get to the main event first. 


Didn't you hear the largest social gathering in Kuching for the year 2012??? No? Oh come on! I'm sure you did! As long as you're a social network user, you're invited! It's an event open to the public. Just come along and have fun! It's fun because we're fun! Hehehe =P

Setting up the stage for the performances. I was on duty that day. *ahem* Hehe

Presenting to you..........Dato Patrick Liew, the founder of A super friendly man! I'm so glad to have met him =) Oh and be warned, photos are all being photobombed! But by who? Hehe you shall see it for yourself later =P

The super hardworking guy on that day. He was so busy at the registration booth that this photo was even taken at a rush. Hahaha! Oh he's also the cameraman for Sarawak Bloggers on that day. Photos are mostly credited to him. And then I "borrowed". Haha!

What was I on duty for? Emcee! This time I'm co-hosting with Kim. Man this guy's an awesome emcee! I have so much to learn from him in ways of talking and even announcing stuff. Sigh....I'm such a noob *bows*

Ok so apart from being the emcee of the day. I have another task in hand. Emcee was a duty from my boss Cyril. The other what I do best =P Photobomb people! Oh yeah! Was asked by Ian the Director of Photography of 4CG to photobomb anyone. Just anyone! And so I did it with success! =P You know I'm good at photobombing don't you? Haha!

Tada! But I think I got photobombed instead in this photo. Hmm.....who's that guy in white shirt behind me? Hahaha! This is just a few photos. Do look around in Facebook for either Sarawak Bloggers or 4 Common Good Production for more photos. Hehehe

A fun-filled day! It was tiring but it was fun! I may have failed being an emcee but I learn alot. And most of all, I enjoyed the day away~ So worth the experience! Thanks Cyril for trusting me in this duty! Hehe =P And thank you Ian for the other task! Ohsem! And thank you Kim for tolerating much during the emcee. Paiseh I'm such a lousy co-host. Haha! *salute!* 

Alright! More to come! What's more important in life than having fun every single day? Hehe =P


cyrildason said…
No prob Angel.. this post is late, but always awesome to read about good things from TwtUpkCH =)

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