It's Been A Year Since You Left

Dated 8th December 2012. It's been a year since you left, my dear friend. We all miss you so much. Your laughter, your jokes, your playfulness and of course, your hyperness!

We made a short visit to your place in the morning. You must have known that. I'm sure you're doing very well up there. I can't believe time flies so fast =( Sigh....a part of everyone wish you didn't have to leave us. But fact had to be accepted. I guess God must have something better for you up there. 

Anyway, I bought you flowers. Hope you love them. 18 years of friendship. It didn't end there. It's still going on. It will last forever. 

The best trip I had with you guys. Oh apart from the Flipflops Beach Party which we partied overnight and was totally wasted. Hehe =) I miss how we used to gather around for breakfast at McD, lunch at After 3 and dinner at Kado. Ah those times....Can only be cherished.......

Nothing can replace those memories. Nothing....It's priceless....

I miss you........


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