Balik Kampung Ramadhan Feast @ The Eatery Four Points by Sheraton Kuching

Balik kampung~ Oh oh oh~ Balik kampung~~ Oh yes Ramadhan is coming soon! I'm so looking forward to all the food available at those bazaars. It's only once a year! Yum! While I can't wait for those food stalls, I wanna thank Four Points by Sheraton for inviting me to a food tasting in their restaurant, The Eatery. I think they must have known that I crave for those good food eh. Hehe =P 

I've been to The Eatery once for their buffet dinner but that was during the normal days. Let's see what have they to offer for this special Ramadhan. I'm sure there's something different since they named it Balik Kampung Ramadhan Feast. Can we find a kampung in Four Points? 

Cakes! One thing that must NEVER be missed during Ramadhan or should I say Raya season. Oh I love cakes especially kek lapis but I'm wondering where is it eh? Fear not! This is not the only cake available. But you gotta wait til the dessert session. I'll make sure you say your RM80 is worth the pay! 

Oh before I go on. Just a lil information. Price per pax for this Ramadhan buffet is RM80. Mark that down. RM80! And if you actually bring a group of at least 10 people, you can get discounts! Did I just say discount? Yes I did! How can it be any better than having discount for the good food you're eating?

Ok ok. Let's just continue with those food. I'm sure you guys are eyeing the photo below already.

Introducing to you, well it's my first time encountering this dish too. It's the midin shrimp salad! I love my midin but midin shrimp salad? Love them even more! A great start for a buffet dinner. I mean, where else can you find midin shrimp salad as appetizer right?

Presenting to you, the main attraction. The roast Arabic whole lamb with Basmati rice! Oh sweet love! The lamb is so tender! Though I would love if they give me varieties of sauce to go with the lamb then it will be perfect!

Ok so everyone knows I love Penang. I love the place. I love the people. And I love all the food there! Ok I lied. I don't favor Penang assam laksa. Haha! I didn't try this Penang assam laksa because I'm still standing proud of our very own Sarawak laksa which I think is the best laksa! Hehe =P Sorry Penangites~ Nevertheless, to all you Penang assam laksa lovers, my friends did mention that this one's a good one. Do go give it a try!

Beef cooked with tomato sauce. I'm a huge fan of beef! This one I rate 8 out of 10. Awesome stuff! No it doesn't taste like any of those bolognese spaghetti you had. This one is cooked at just the right rate. The exact sweetness and sourness. Wish I have another tummy to store this! =P

Alright. DESSERT TIME! I love desserts! And so does everyone else! Right right right? Hehehe =D Normally I can have a small plate of appetizer, another small plate of main course and then I will have 2 rounds of desserts! Oh yeah!

This is something new to me. I love pastries! This one's an eye opener. Arabic pastry! It's called the Arabic Baklava. It has a strong history saying it's way back from Turkey. It's actually layered breads. But as the era change, the preparation of Baklava changes too. Nowadays they layer it with walnuts, pistachios and even hazelnuts. See the shiny top? It's actually honey syrup being soaked into it. Baklava is always served in triangular shapes.

Hmm......I think the preparation is rather easy. Maybe, just maybe I'll give it a try. I mean bake it. Not eat it. Haha! Oh of course I did eat this! How can I miss out any dessert. This one's crunchy and sweet~ Yum! Another thumbs up!

This is our local favourite, kuih cincin. Guess what, the first time I ate this was actually 2 weeks ago =.= I know I'm such a fail Sarawakian. I've seen this available at every Ramadhan bazaar but I don't know why I never try this. And now that I've tried, I regretted that I didn't get to know about kuih cincin earlier. It's so good!

You think that's all for their desserts? Oh your expectation is just way too low. I'm just saving the best for last. Hehe =P

Another chocolate cake! This one's topped with strawberry and has more layers of cakes than chocolates compared to the previous ones. Oh sweet like chocolate~

You know what's the bomb for their desserts? It's this cheese cake! It's a MUST TRY!!! Seriously! I was aiming for all their chocolate cakes until Ivan told me to try their cheese cake so I did. And I fell in love immediately! No not with him but with the cheese cake. Haha! Oops! But I was too shy *ahem* to get more slices cos one, it's cheese (Ok don't show me that face cos I'm not gonna mention that word) and two, I have to save it for other people ba kan? See I'm so nice. Hehe =P But seriously! TRUST ME! You've really got to try this cheese cake!!!

So tell me. With the midin shrimp salad, and the roast Arabic lamb with Basmati rice, and the Arabic Baklava, and most of all, the cheese cake! Tell me that your RM80 is worth it! Those that I ate are not the only dish available, they've so much more that I can't finish trying! Like the Indonesian bakso soup, the beef serunding rendang pizza, bubur pedas and the Arabic Omali. They've so many dishes to try and that is why I'm so glad that Four Points actually gave us a complimentary voucher.

Oh yeah! It's a complimentary voucher for buffet dinner for 2 persons. Now, who's to be my date? Hehehe =P

Wanna make a reservation? Do call this number 082-280888. Ramadhan is just next week. You better be fast before all the food are gone. Alright. I need to go date someone for this Ramadhan buffet. Oh and please save me some of those cheese cake! Thank you! Heee~


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