Huang Huang

I know it's very late to ask this but how was your Raya this year? Hehe =) I spent my first day of Raya back at kampung. I had to go down to my kampung to settle some stuff. When I was on my journey down to kampung, my mind kept thinking about the next day which will be my very first Raya celebration with the Sarawak Bloggers members. We were to go Fahriee's house for lunch. Hehe =D His rendang was absolute!!!

Ok back to topic. Why Huang Huang? Because it's a new puppy owned by my cousin back at kampung. This year CNY, they had a new puppy brought home by my uncle and they named him Ling Ling. And now this puppy is brownish so they named him Huang Huang. Huang is yellow in mandarin. Hehe =D

I took lots of shots of Huang Huang. He's such friendly dog. Friendly yet arrogant. Doesn't even bother when you call it. Hahaha! Photos were all taken by my Samsung. Didn't bring my Nikon down kampung. Hehe =)

Still a puppy. Pointed ears and piggy tail. Hehehe =D

And yes I was being ignored =.=

It went to sleep even when I was trying to play with it =.=

It doesn't even care how close my phone was to its face =.=

Cute pawsssssssss!!!!!!

Ok this is the first dog or puppy that I had ever came this close to its paws! I love this shot! Hehe =D Mum said it looks scary. HAHAHAHA!!!!


Ah_Mike said…
Awwww it's so adorable! :)
Sam Miller said…
what kind of dog is this?? he's so cute!!!

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