Kia Sing & Niensi's Wedding

Dated 11th November 2012. A beautiful day to start a beautiful chapter into a beautiful life~ Oh I just can't stop using the word beautiful because the day's event is way too beautiful to be described with just words alone~

Woke up early for Kia Sing and Niensi's wedding at church. Went over to aunty's house and pick up a cuzzie who came all the way back from KL. 

The morning sleepyheads! Hehehe =P

At church. We were helping out with the arrangement of foods and drinks and chairs and voila! We cuzzies made these 2 heart shapes out of the drinks. Hehehe =D

The beautiful couple lighting the candle together. A light that will forever shine before them. Guiding them through every road in life.

Kia Sing's heng tais getting playful after the church session. Boys will always be boys! Haha!

Then it's back to home for tea session. Happy family welcoming new member, Niensi.

And then it's always the 38 aunties who are all so much more vain than us cuzzies cos they always snatch away our photographers! Hahahaha! =P

Smile for the camera! Sweet as ever~~~

Alright we beauties also need some camera time! We never miss a group photo eh? Heeee~

And then more came to join! Oh especially the one to my left. Hmm.......a little too vain probably? Hahaha!

Dinner time! These lovely rose shape candles are the door gift. Cute aren't they?

The newly weds on stage. Loving Niensi's red gown!

Photo time with mummy and bro.

Chakz! Hehe =) Instead of being the normal me, I decided to give my hairdo a change. How do I look? But honestly, I think I look more neat with my hair up no? =)

Smiles with Chee. People used to say we're twins when we were still kids. Do we still look alike now? Hee~

With our favourite aunties~ Loving them much!!! 

Aha! When I was editing this photo last night, I know I just had to make it into vintagy style. This photo portrays so much of a happy family. A photo speaks a thousand word they say. I'm sure this one speaks more than just a thousand words =) In our world, kachengs rules!

The dinner-conquer sessions will always always be there when we cousins gather. Haha!

Who will ever miss conquering the stage. Not a chance! =P

We play, we chat, we laugh, we tease, we hug, we have fun! Because that's how the Ho family rules! 

Last but not least, 3 beautiful angels. *ahem* Hehehe =P

*Every day is a new page. Whether do you want it to be a new chapter or merely continuing your storyline, it's all in your own hand. So make it a beautiful days instead.*


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