Tony's 20th Birthday

Dated 1st December 2012. As per previous post, I wrote that I had to rush off elsewhere right? Yup. It was Tony's birthday and a few of us colleagues were gonna celebrate it for him. So I had to rush off to get pizza. Initially I ordered from Tom's Pizza at DaLight but somehow the staff lost my order and I went speechless. Shit happens. So immediately I went off to Flinders and get some pizza. Luckily the place wasn't close yet as it's rather late already. 

Right after I got the pizza, I went back to RH Plaza and we went just the coffee shop opposite our work place for the celebration. 

The birthday cake baked by his sister who was working with Taka Cake House. We were thinking what words to put on it. And voila! My idea came out! Those Chinese words mean "Little Monkey, older by a year lor" Hahaha! Yup this monkey just reached 20 last year.

The birthday boy trying to look innocent.

A traditional game that must never be missed at any birthday celebration. Hehe =)

A group photo of us.

After the proper celebration, I brought 2 of them, birthday boy and his best friend, Hin to HOF for some drunk session. But this boy has got so much capability at taking alcohol that our plan to make him drunk, failed badly. Haha!

The night was just a quiet one as everyone was tired already. So we went off after that.

Happy Belated Birthday Boy~ Hope you're doing well at Singapore now =) Cheers!


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