Langkawi-KL Trip Day VI

Day 6~~~

The second last day at KL of this trip. Wuu wuu~~~ I don't wana come home!!! Haha!

We went to the Pavilion for our first visit =DD~~It's just down the road from our hotel! Super near! I'm so glad I chose that hotel. Haha! I've been seeing pictures of Pavilion all over around and about. Even in KL drama series too! It's so nice! So I just wana get my feet there!
A super nice fountain greets us at the main entrance. Um...It's the Bukit Bintang Entrance actually. You'll see why later.
Like I said before, I heart fountains~~~
Yay~~~ Ain't it beautiful? Awww.......
So a picture is a MUST! I heart fountains~~~~~~~~
Now this is why I said it's the Bukit Bintang Entrance. Let's see what I'm wearing. Scarf from baby via online purchase. Top from SEED. Shorts from Genting =D Flip-flops from Langkawi Oriental Village. Sling bag from Esprit. Muahaha! Wearing cheap clothes and walk into Pavilion? OMG! I felt so downgraded!!! But at least I have Esprit and SEED. Haha!
The shops here are all SUPER HIGH CLASS! And but of course, SUPER EXPENSIVE! You name the brand and they've got it here =D
Yes I am sakai ok. What a huge Blackberry! Can I bring it home? It's touch screen! So nice lah!

We had our lunch there. It's at the food court ground floor. There's so many booths selling so many different types of foods!!! We had ours at a booth called Little Wok. It's nice and affordable =)
Baby's kc mee.
And my all time favourite sweet and sour fish rice~~ Or isit chicken? I forgot ok.

So there, we spent half the day walking around Pavilion. Then back to hotel and rest. And for the rest of the night, it's spent at Sungei Wang and BB Plaza.

Seen a man in gold before? Now I saw!!! He's standing there for the whole night. Will change position once in awhile. Can take picture with him too. Haha! He looks so much like a statue! There were also monkey and snake. Scary!!!!
Back at hotel. Yes our room was super messy! Haha!

At night, me and baby were hungry so we went to this Indian shop for some food.
Free curry~~~ Hehe =P The guy is so nice that he gave this to us free. Well, it's just the curry anyway. Got bits of chicken meat and fries.
We bought butter naan and chapati. First time trying.
IT'S GOOD!!! Guys and gurls~~ SHOULD TRY IT ONCE!!! I'm sure you'll love it!

Oh and lala~ I found something nice. Umm..should use the word GREAT! Found it at Sungei Wang. Wana know what is it? Follow on~


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