Current Status I've been blogging much every weekend of August and today happens to be the last Sunday of August 2009. But lucky for everyone, tomorrow is public holiday cos it's MERDEKA! Happy for merdeka? Or happy for holiday? Haha!

Ok so I've blogged alot. But there's still one more left. It's my dear ex-colleague, Cecelia's wedding. Will try post up tomorrow. Now kinda lazy. Trying to look for games and quizzes in fb. Kekeke =D

Tomorrow morning gonna bring mum to Indulgence for massage. And she wants me to wait there for one hour with her =.=''' What am I gonna do??? Bring my novel maybe. Hehe =P Oh hey! I just remembered! I haven't post something! Wait wait! Will post it up tomorrow too. Or if later maybe. Just a short post lah.

Anyway, I have been great. Great with work. Learning more and more things and there are lots more to be learnt =D~ People who sees me told me that I do looked happier with current job. Haha!

Ups and downs in my relationship but still maintaining well. Trying to hold on hard. The problem is just sometimes I tend to listen so much from others and start comparing the similarities which I found so many of them to be so accurate. Now wtf right? And then I was told, that I should think with an open mind. Cos what others said could be wrong too. Weigh all the possibilities then confront. Um...I did. And I didn't too. It's just complicated.

And seriously, I have been thinking about journalism. Should I really go into that field? As a part-timer probably? Sigh...emo times again. As always, I write to release my feelings. Put them all in words. But sometimes, I just can't publish it here. Well, maybe I should make a locked blog eh? Hehe =D~

I found myself love writing. It's like I'm talking to someone but I am actually not. It's like I'm telling my feelings to someone but that someone isn't gonna reply me. Just lending me an ear to listen to my craps. How nice...

But then again, it has been awhile since I last wrote a poem. Tried to start one the other day. But the words just don't come out right.

So, conclusion, I'm still alive and healthy and all that. Just emotions always kills me. Oh and hah! I found another saying. People said curiosity kills the cat. But I say temptation kills over curiosity. Keke =P


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