Langkawi-KL Trip Day VII

Hola~~ It's the last day of my trip to Langkawi and KL. Our flight was to be at 3.40pm. So we had half of the day to tour around still. But we didn't do anything much though. Let's see shall we? Hehe =D

We had our free breakfast at the hotel cafe.Baby had American breakfast. I like them too =D
But I chose to have kueh tiaw soup. Something more soupy for me. And then we went back hotel to pack our stuff all good. Make sure everything's cleared. And we went to check out.

After checked out, we went to look for food for lunch. Hehe =P~
Yes we had McD for our lunch and no this pic isn't taken at Sunway. It's the Sunway duck greeting us outside McD at Bukit Bintang.
And then I saw something!!!!!
See that??? Muahahaha!!!! I own a shop! Blek~~~~
Ok back at hotel to wait for our taxi to come. Got nothing to do so we lepak around the lobby area. And I saw that this hotel actually won awards before! How great is that? Hehe =) I do like this hotel. It's nice and clean.
And the service is not bad too. Good good! Two thumbs up!
There. That's where we left our stuff when we went to McD for lunch. 4 luggages and a box and 3 bags of stuff. Haha! Sorry lah. Me and baby only had one luggage each and that pink bag is mine. The rest? Its theirs. Oh you know who~
So there we were. LCCT going back. I mean coming back Kuching.
Wonderful trip isn't it darling? =) I'd love to travel again =D~

Now let's see what I'd bought home. There's alot I didn't take pics of. Like the chocs I bought from Langkawi. The shirts which I bought for mum and bro and friend. The shirt I bought for pap. And the clothes I bought for myself. Only took these.
Sneakers from Sunway Pyramid cost RM19.90 =D Flat boots from Sungei Wang cost RM79.90 (I think). I am super happy that I finally found a nice flat boots~! *HYPER MODE!*
A souvenir from Langkawi which I think I'll be buying fridge magnet from wherever I'll be going next time =)
And of course, liquor~ Bought Black Label for myself and some other XO for Greg.
Last but not least! VODKA IS A MUST!
I gave one of those lil ones to Aureo. Hehe =) Cos she let me stay at her place marh! Blek~! One is already empty. I'm waiting for occassions to open one by one of them. Keke =D

So that's all. I'm back at my comfort world. My own pink and lavender lil world. My home sweet home~~~

MUAH! I'm planning to go to........................ Where do you suggest? =)

Good night peepz!


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