Happy Birthday Mummy~!

Last Saturday was me mummy's birthday. I didn't give her any present though. Don't know what to buy. Hehe =P So the night before, I went to Taka with baby and bought her a cake.

The very nice girl gave me discount on my purchase even though I forgot to bring my discount card. And she gave me something else too. Show you later. Thanks gurl~
Bought mummy a fruit cake. The girl told me it's still fresh cos just baked not long ago. The cake is pandan sponge and it has blueberry jam in between. Very very yummy~~~
Nice or not? I love to see cakes with lit candles...
Sorry for certain blur pics. Don't know what happened to baby that night.
The birthday Queen~!

What did mummy wish for????
Lala~ Happy Birthday~!

And there....
This is what I got free from Taka. It's Oreo cheese cake. Nice arh! Hehe =D



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