Puppies Update

Time really flies eh. It's already June! 5 months of 2012 gone just like that. When you thought it's the year of disaster, it passed by just like that without anyone knowing or even remember clearly what had happened. It's now the last month for the first half of 2012. Dang! What have you done so far? Is there anything that you should achieve in this 6 months and have yet to do it? Well get your ass going right now! Do it before it's too late =)

As for me, I managed to survive the mountains and thunderstorms in my relationship. Though still in a little shaky condition but I'm learning. We're both learning. Learning more and more each day about each other. Figuring out what's right and what won't work for us. Plastering scars and wounds here and there. Things will be fine. I'm sure it will be =) Have faith. Believe and you will be able to do it.

When I see June coming, I know that the rainbow is glowing. I hope the next half year will be a better year. A busier one. Unlike March, April and May which I think I've grown a good amount of mushrooms at home. The jet plane is kicking up again. Not gonna reveal yet. Just check me out at FourSquare =D

Remember that Kent's house has got puppies? 11 of them. Sadly now there's only 5 left. Let's just have some cute happy photos shall we?

The biggest one of all brothers and sisters. The one that bullies all the others =D

The cute adorable white with brown patches. Awwww......Just look at that sleeping face~

Looking at cute puppies photos does bring happiness no? Hee~ It's what we call innocent love.

Speaking of love, love is definitely in the air this year for many. I see many friend's friends getting married by the photos posted on Facebook each day. I have a few to attend as well. Wedding bells been ringing non-stop! It's indeed a good year for many Chinese. Year of Dragon rules! Yay!

Til then~


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