Working myths

We often hear our elderly says if we study hard then we'll have better jobs and earn more money next time. But now, do you still think this works?

It does for certain company BUT nowadays, let's review the newspaper advertising column, many are requesting for experience over the years and not how many pieces of certificates do you have. But with that, we can't say that we doesn't wanna study and yet still get good jobs right?

So, what are we suppose to do? Study or gain experience?

Next question. How to choose a good job?

Do we choose our job based on family background? Your dad's a lawyer, mum's a lawyer, bro's a lawyer and what about you? A lawyer too? Sigh...

Or do we choose our job based on our college qualifications? Study accounting must be an accountant. Study business must be a businessman. Is that the right way?

OR should we choose our job based on our interest? I don't know. You say?

Think about it. Over the years, you were working for an accounting firm as a junior accountant. You gain nothing except experience. But that still doesn't make you a certified accountant because you are without any accounting certificates. Then one day, another accounting firm offers you a more stressful position though with better pay but won't promote you when you have more certificates. Will you want to take it?

Sigh..which option should I choose? To take the challenge or not?


I don't believe in that myth that "if we study hard then we'll have better jobs and earn more money next time" .. I guess the SKILL is still the best asset when you want to have a good job.

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