First Time Hospitalized

I guess I'm back at blogging =) Hello world! This is a super post-dated post. Gonna do a quick one and then a proper end to year 2012 and then again, the question, what's my resolution this year? That will be up next. Here is gonna be my post which was supposed to be up by end of October. Story is...

When I came back from my KL vacation during end of September, I haven't been feeling that well. I started to work at a new place and things start to go wrong. Not the job scope kind of wrong but my health kind of wrong. I started to feel pain when I pee and I have blood discharge. No it's not my monthly menstrual discharge. It's blood in the urine. I didn't really bother cos I thought I was just over-heated due to lack of water consumption. So I let it be.

Until I was down with fever one afternoon. I started to feel dizzy and I know it's not right. So I had my dear rescuer Martin and Fabian to pick me up from my workplace and sent me home. Once home, I vomited. I thought it's just merely vomit and fever. Next day, I stayed at home to rest. Vomited several times and my fever hasn't gone away. Then I started to have backache. It was around my waist area. Again, I thought I was just too tired so I slept the day away.

The day after that, fever is still around, no longer vomit but my backache got worst. I couldn't walk properly and had to walk like an old lady. Can't even lie down straight, what's more to say standing straight. My mom came back from work and was really shocked with my condition. She thought that I had appendix and sent me straight to hospital.

There we waited for hours and checked for so many stuff. The doctor gave me painkiller and I was feeling good already. But because they weren't sure of what happened to me, I had to stay there for one night. Reluctantly my mom went home after sending me to the ward and I was there without my phone for the first night.

There, I was connected with the um....I don't know what is it but I think it's glucose. This is the 2nd day at hospital. Mom brought me food and my most essential stuff, my phone. Heee~ Doctor said I have to stay another night because they need to wait for my urine and blood test result to come back before I'm allowed to be discharge. Fever is still around. Haiz...

First to visit me, Kenneth. Thanks man! It was really comforting to have friends coming to see me cos I was starting to feel lonely =( Second to visit me was YL. Came right after work. Ah~ Thanks =) Mom came during morning, noon and night to bring me food. The hospital did not provide me meal until the next day. I had a hard time moving around because I was connected to the glucose liquid. Had to drag the whole thing when I wanna go to the toilet. Ugh!

Took this photo during day 3 at hospital I think. As more of my friends already know that I was admitted, they came to visit. Many thanks to Jonathan, Evelyn, Carnes, Sui Yin, Gab, Martin, Fabian, Huong, Mike and Cyril for the fruits =)

My appetite got better and I managed to eat more. These are the food that the hospital provides. Not something I love but at least the salmon is good. Previously I only ate the fruits. Oh and now I know that kopi O is actually good because they serves kopi O in the morning!

Belgian chocs and oranges from Taki. Thank you my dear~ He came straight to me once touched down Kuching. Aww......touched =)

Anyway, I stayed for 4 nights at SGH. What an experience! I definitely will keep all those notes in my mind. First is to never find excuses for not going to toilet when needed. Whatever it is that's happening, toilet is a MUST go once you know you need to go.

Second is to remind myself that I MUST drink water all the time! Always drink plenty of water to cleanse away whatever bacteria that is in your body.

Third, health is more important than anything else that you can have.

My health report: I was down with kidney infection and thus the backache.

Alright. Will be doing the next post asap. Need to edit tons of post-dated photos. Guess I'm feeling good that I'm writing again. Ta~


ahlost said…
glad that you're alright now ;)

remember to drink more water everyday..

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