Chinese New Year Gathering - Reunion II

On the 6th day of Chinese New Year, I organized another reunion for my primary school since many of them came back from KL and had requested for it cos they missed out the first one.

This time we had something different. Instead of paying for what you eat, we went for buffet steamboat at D11. It is also located at Ban Hock. It's just right behind Hornbill steamboat. Price per pax was RM17 because we had many people. Drinks is RM2 per can. The food not bad worh~~ Very fresh and nice!

Time set was 7pm sharp. I was a lil late because had to pick up Edmund and Jim from church. Someone was actually earlier than I am. Surprise surprise~~
Jason and Kim Teck. The two early birds. Teck called me up when he reached and asked what name did I put for reservation. Haha!

It's been quite some time since I last saw Jason. He really changed alot! And Kim Teck definitely built himself well =)

This is Andrew and his gf. This time I had it open invites. As in, can bring your bf, gf, husband, wife and etc. But limited to only one person. Hehe =)

Desmond and Jim. Desmond came back from KL for CNY. Jim is always here in Kch. Can always see him around town. Haha! Shhh!!!

And I do wonder why Jim's face looks

He's sort of the chef of the other table that night. Haha! As for my table, we cook our own. Hahahaha! But of course thanks to Andrew who made the soup for us~ =)

Now this are what Jim was cooking. Looks yummy no? =D

Was trying to snap some random photos but Andrew's hand came out =.='''

Couple wear? Hahahaha!!!! They so happens to wear the same color~~ Oh and that's Edmund and Jonathan. Both went into nursing. Ahhh~~~ So unexpected~ =)

This is Ing Liang and Eve. They both came quite late. Eve went to pick Ing Liang. Hehe =) Cos big boss no car bah~

Hmm....talking what so serious???

Hey Jim! Checking on something? Haha!

Oooo...and Jim was saying "Hey look there!"

Ahhhh....this must be what Jim meant. Hahahaha!!! Gf trying to feed something black for Andrew. I think they overbarbequed it. Kekeke

Wah Andrew! So nice ah? Gf feeds you food and you give her drinks worh~

Ok I'm out of caption. Because I mentioned in fb that this photos shows you nurses can cook well. Hahaha! And I got shot =.='''

Spooooookeeeyyyyy Teck!!!!

This is Thalia's crab. Haha! She's the one who cooked different stuff than us.

Group photo is a must. Can see that this time there's lesser people eh? Too bad lor. Many couldn't make it.

But it's still fun for us~

Then after steamboat session at D11, everyone wanted a second round. So we headed Ing Liang's house for visiting. Haha! Visiting at 10pm!!!

Then Ing Liang was left at home and the rest of us went to third station over at Joe's place! It was already 11pm!!!

Late night visiting. Hahaha!

Joe's mom is great!!! She let us have the whole keg of Heineken for ourselves!!! And Jim became bartender of the night~! WoOtz!!!

Nice leh~ Ok I am sakaiz. First time encounter this stuff. Haha! We were figuring out how to open it.

Random shots~ We all end up to be posting stuff online there. Free wifi wut~

Buddy buddy~~~

The black brothers! taken when Jason is not ready. Hahaha!

Now this was what he wanted. Hahaha!

Joe and Eve before we left his place.

Must not forget me lah!!! Hehe =) Joe was leaving on plane the next day at 6am. So we had to let him off the hook. Haha!

We left his place at about 12am and headed for 4th station!!!!! Lok lok!!!!! Hehehe =DD And chit chatted at there til 2am. Hahaha! But then not all of us lah. Only me, Mund, Jim, Eve and Andrew. I reached home about 2.30am and doze off~

Guess I won't be doing anymore gathering or reunions for the next 2years because everyone will be away studying. Let's just wait til everyone of us graduates and make a bigger one~~

Love love love!!!!!


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