The Rock Party @ FEV.ER

As I had posted earlier on, there will be a Rock Party being held at FEV.ER on 08-12-07. And of course, I joined the gang, Gladys, Anna, Tim, Ting, Rose, JF, Jimmy, Irene, Allen and Alvin over there. I reached there with Gladys, met up with Tim, Ting and Angie, head over for dinner.
Went back to FEV.ER after dinner and start snapping pics. First time in FEV.ER bah. Hehe =)
The stage where they're gonna perform. The front table is always empty, so we bloggers took it. Haha! And OMG! It was so loud! The speaker was right in front of us!
Cute ler? This pic was taken by Anna with my camera. I was away for half hour. 15mins before the show start I left cos have to deal with some stuff. Lots of misunderstanding when I was away =)
We had beers too. I didn't take much. Half glass only cos I was driving that night. Hehe =)
Some vain shots of Rambo before the show starts. Haha! Didn't know Rambo is so vain! =P
This is Channel 1. I manage to catch only one song which happens to be my fav, Traffic Light. WeEeee~~ Happy si..Haha!
Alvin-Pazuzu~! He's the vocalist for his band, Channel 1. Jia you piGgiE~! HugS~
This is the second band, Spider Web. Old people also can rock oh!!!
Third band is called 噪..It's noise...Hehe =)
See how high they were! Not only them. We all were! Hiakz!
Even the MC joined them~
This is Dyerbreed..Nice name~ Their vocalist quite handsome oh~ Haha!
Wee weeet~~ It was too high and hot that they took off their shirts! O.O~~ Only left the drummer didn't take off. He's shy. Haha! We all shouted 'tuo diao tuo diao' but it didn't hit him. He still stay clothed. Haha!
This band is called Visualies...They too got the whole crowd shouting and pumping~
Spot Rambo and Leslie? Haha! Rambo is really high! Kept jumping and pumping the whole night~ Go Rambo~
This band is called Uglymen...though I didn't see how ugly they are. Haha! Anyway, they flew all the way from Kedah for the show. Thanks mate for bringing the fun~
They even have their own uniform. So cute!

Do visit their site

After their show, I had to leave dy. It's late dy ma. I missed SLaP and Dream Machine. Sobs~ Anyway, it's really fun that night. Hehe =)


SilverIsle said…
It was a great night! I enjoyed it to the max too. Thanks to all Kuchingites! =D
rambochai said…
what the vain mean wor/./// paiseh my english poor... :::)))
rambochai said…
oooo... now i know ... hahahaha... this is something called :::: 呵呵呵.... 自信...嘻嘻---

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